J/A+A/427/387   ==OBSOLETE version of Catalogue==
12-Sep-2010: (by Francois Ochsenbein) See V/134
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/A+A/427/387 QORG catalog of radio/X-ray sources (Flesch+, 2004) ================================================================================ An all-sky optical catalogue of radio / X-ray sources. Flesch E., Hardcastle M.J. <Astron. Astrophys. 427, 387 (2004)> =2004A&A...427..387F ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Surveys ; QSOs ; Radio sources ; X-ray sources Keywords: catalogs - galaxies: active - galaxies: quasars: general Description: The QUASARS.ORG Catalogues align and overlay the year 2001/2 releases of the ROSAT HRI, RASS, PSPC and WGA X-ray catalogues, the NVSS (2002), FIRST (2003) and SUMSS (2003) radio catalogues, the Veron QSO catalogue (2003) and various galaxy/star reference catalogues onto the optical APM and USNO-A catalogues. These catalogues display calculated percentage probabilities for each optical radio/X-ray associated object of its likelihood of being a quasar, galaxy, star, or erroneous radio/X-ray association. The main Master catalogue (master.dat) displays all 501,761 radio/X-ray associated optical objects and known quasars which are optically detected in APM/USNO-A. Up to six radio/X-ray catalog identifications are presented for each optical object, plus any double radio lobes (21,498 of these). These are superimposed (and laterally fitted) onto a 670,925,779-object optical background which combines APM and USNO-A data. The Free-Lunch catalogue is a concise easy-to-read variant of the Master catalogue showcasing just one X-ray and/or radio identification for each object. This catalogue is the original version which was publicized to show astronomers that there *is* a free lunch after all! There is also a subset catalogue of QSO candidates, and a subset catalogue of known QSOs/galaxies/stars. Objects presented in this catalogue are those optical APM/USNO-A objects which are associated with X-ray/radio detections, or any optically-found catalogued QSO/AGN/Bl Lac objects, with confidence >40% of being a radio/X-ray emitting optical object. There are 501,761 objects included in all (including 48,285 catalogued quasars), representing the 99.4% coverage of the sky available from the APM and USNO-A. Each object is shown as one line bearing the position in equatorial coordinates, red and blue optical magnitudes (recalibrated) and PSF class, calculated probabilities of the object being, separately, a quasar, galaxy, star, or erroneous radio/X-ray association, any radio identification from each of the NVSS, FIRST and SUMSS surveys, including candidate double-lobe detections, any X-ray identification from each of the ROSAT HRI, RASS, PSPC and WGA surveys, including fluxes and field shifts of those identifications, plus, if already catalogued, the object name and redshift where applicable. The QORG catalogue and supporting data can be accessed from the catalogue home page at http://quasars.org/qorg-data.htm Questions or comments may be directed to

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