II/272              Guide Star Photometric Catalog V2.4      (Bucciarelli+ 2001)
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Beginning of ReadMe : II/272 Guide Star Photometric Catalog V2.4 (Bucciarelli+ 2001) ================================================================================ The Guide Star Photometric Catalog, Version 2.4 Bucciarelli et al. <Astron. Astrophys. 368, 335 (2001)> ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Photometry, sequences ; Photometry, UBV ; Bibliography Keywords: instrumentation: detectors ; methods: miscellaneous ; techniques: photometric ; catalogs ; surveys Abstract: We publish 1653 CCD photometric sequences in the Johnson-Kron-Cousins standard system, distributed both in the northern and southern hemispheres, useful for the calibration of photographic photometry of Schmidt survey plates. The collection and reduction of the CCD data presented here are part of a long-term program devoted to the construction of the Second Guide Star Photometric Catalog (GSPC-II). The GSPC-II is an all-sky catalog of photometric stellar sequences with a limiting magnitude of V=19 or fainter, in the (B), V, and R passbands of the Johnson-Kron-Cousins system. Standard photometric errors are at the level of   0.07 for a V   19 magnitude star. These sequences are being used by teams of the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) and the Osservatorio Astronomico of Torino (OATo) for the photometric calibration of the Second Guide Star Catalog. Description: The GSPC-II completes the Guide Star Photometric Catalog (Cat. II/143) with stars between 14-19th magnitude near the center of each of the Palomar and UKSTU survey fields. These were all observed using CCD detectors from a number of different observatories.

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