VIII/99             Catalogue of Radio Stars              (Wendker, 2001)
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Beginning of ReadMe : VIII/99 Catalogue of Radio Stars (Wendker, 2001) ================================================================================ Catalogue of Radio Stars, 2001 update Wendker H.J. <Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser. 109, 177 (1995)> =2015yCat.8099....0W =1995A&AS..109..177W ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Radio sources ; Stars, radio ; Radio continuum Keywords: catalogues - stars: general - radio continuum: stars Description: The first version of this catalogue was published in Abh.Hamburger Sternw. 1978, Vol.10, p 1ff. (CDS Catalogue II/129). A second version was published in 1987 (1987A&AS...69...87W) and microfiches (CDS Catalogue II/147). A third version was published 1995A&AS..109..177W (CDS Catalogue II/199). The basic concept of the earlier versions is preserved (in file "catalog.txt"), namely one entry per star per frequency per paper. Space is now provided, however, to add more informations. These may be of technical or astronomical nature. Usually month and year of observation and the number of independent data points or length of monitoring session are given. In the file "catalog.txt", all radio data are preceded by a header which contains information on the star or stellar system. (Note, that a physical stellar system is regarded as one single entry and that comments pertaining to individual components are found directly behind the observational data). Stellar data like names, position, proper motion, magnitudes and spectroscopic types are given in fixed format in a self-explanatory fashion. It is tried to have typical values from commonly available references. It is not intended to compete here with other compilations. These header informations are collected when the star is entered for the first time. They are only changed when new values are available while additional radio references are added. An arbitrarily expandable section for unformatted text finishes the header. Finally, the units of the radio data remain in MHz (column#1) and mJy (columns #2. and #3). All coordinates refer to epoch and equinox 1950.0 (e.g. B1950). This is a so-called merged version e.g. all stars, those detected at least once and those with upper limits only, are listed in order of ascending right ascension. The detected stars are marked with a "D" in the outermost right hand column in lines 1 to 5 ('D' in column "Det" of the file "stars.dat"). The last updating occurred on 2001-Mar-06. In this version stars have new running numbers.

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