VIII/29A     1400-MHz Survey of 1478 Abell Clusters of Galaxies   (Owen+ 1982)
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Beginning of ReadMe : VIII/29A 1400-MHz Survey of 1478 Abell Clusters of Galaxies (Owen+ 1982) ================================================================================ A 1400-MHz Survey of 1478 Abell Clusters of Galaxies Owen F.N., White R.A., Hilldrup K.C., Hanisch R.J. <Astron. Journ. 87, 1083 (1982)> =1982AJ.....87.1083O ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Radio sources ; Galaxies, radio ; Clusters, galaxy ; Surveys Description: This catalog contains observations of Abell clusters of galaxies which were obtained with the Green Bank 91-m telescope at 1400 MHz with an angular resolution of 10'x11' (RAxDEC). This catalog extends the sample of clusters originally published in Owen (1974AJ.....79..427O). The primary goals of this survey were to observe all Abell (1958ApJS....3..211A, Cat. VII/4) clusters with m10 (magnitude of the tenth brightest galaxy in the cluster) less than or equal to 17.0 and declinations north of -19 degrees, to observe all clusters with richness>=3 regardless of m10, and to obtain observations of a representative sample of the rest of the catalog (m10>=17.0; richness<=2). The abelclus.dat file contains ALL 957 detected sources (also beyond 0.5 corrected Abell radii). It contains 525 sources within 0.5 corrected Abell radii, while the published table1.dat file contains 487 entries corresponding to 485 distinct sources (in 442 clusters). The catalog entries contains the flux density at 1400 MHz, the Abell cluster number, richness class, distance class, m10, redshift estimate (z), corrected Abell cluster radius, right ascension (B1950), declination (B1950), deconvolved major and minor source axis lengths, position angle, and distance of the source from the cluster center.

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