VIII/103       Herschel Multi-tiered Extragalactic Survey        (Oliver+, 2016)
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Beginning of ReadMe : VIII/103 Herschel Multi-tiered Extragalactic Survey (Oliver+, 2012) ================================================================================ HerMES: Herschel Multi-tiered Extragalactic Survey - PACS and SPIRE maps and associated catalogues. Oliver S.J., Bock J., Altieri B., Amblard A., Arumugam V., Aussel H., Babbedge T., Beelen A., Bethermin M., Blain A., Boselli A., Bridge C., Brisbin D., Buat V., Burgarella D., Castro-Rodriguez N., Cava A., Chanial P., Cirasuolo M., Clements D.L., Conley A., Conversi L., Cooray A., Dowell C.D., Dubois E.N., Dwek E., Dye S., Eales S., Elbaz D., Farrah D., Feltre A., Ferrero P., Fiolet N., Fox M., Franceschini A., Gear W., Giovannoli E., Glenn J., Gong Y., Gonzalez Solares E.A., Griffin M., Halpern M., Harwit M., Hatziminaoglou E., Heinis S., Hurley P., Hwang H.S., Hyde A., Ibar E., Ilbert O., Isaak K., Ivison R.J., Lagache G., Le Floc'h E., Levenson L., Faro B.L., Lu N., Madden S., Maffei B., Magdis G., Mainetti G., Marchetti L., Marsden G., Marshall J., Mortier A.M.J., Nguyen H.T., O'Halloran B., Omont A., Page M.J., Panuzzo P., Papageorgiou A., Patel H., Pearson C.P., Perez-Fournon I., Pohlen M., Rawlings J.I., Raymond G., Rigopoulou D., Riguccini L., Rizzo D., Rodighiero G., Roseboom I.G., Rowan-Robinson M., Sanchez Portal M., Schulz B., Scott D., Seymour N., Shupe D.L., Smith A.J., Stevens J.A., Symeonidis M., Trichas M., Tugwell K.E., Vaccari M., Valtchanov I., Vieira J.D., Viero M., Vigroux L., Wang L., Ward R., Wardlow J., Wright G., Xu C.K., Zemcov M. <Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 424, 1614-1635 (2012)> =2012MNRAS.424.1614O +2012MNRAS.419..377S =2017yCat.8103....0H ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Surveys ; Galaxies, IR ; Photometry, millimetric/submm Mission_Name: Herschel Keywords: surveys - galaxies: evolution - infrared: galaxies - submillimetre: galaxies Abstract: HerMES is the Herschel Multi-tiered Extragalactic Survey, an astronomical project to study the evolution of galaxies in the distant Universe.It is the largest project on ESA's Herschel Space Observatory (900 hours). You will find more information about it on the HerMES website (http://hedam.lam.fr/HerMES/). The project is carried out by a large team, made up primarily of people who built one of the instruments on Herschel called SPIRE. Description: SPIRE maps (250, 350 and 500 microns) and PACS maps (100 and 160 microns) covering an area of more than 385 square degrees in the sky resulting from observations taken as part of HerMES (KPGT_soliver_1), a Herschel Key Project whose main objective was to chart the formation and evolution of infrared galaxies throughout cosmic history, measuring the bolometric emission of infrared galaxies and their clustering properties. The associated catalogues extracted from these maps include over 1,200,000 entries representing over 340,000 galaxies. They consist of 'blind extraction' catalogues containing photometric information derived directly from these maps, 'band merged' catalogues extracted at SPIRE 250 micron positions plus 'cross-identification' catalogues based on prior Spitzer MIPS 24 micron source positions. The latest data releases contain also information derived from the complementary Herschel programmes HeLMS (GT2_mviero_1) and HeRS (OT2_mviero_2).

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