Replaced by VI/67 (14-Jun-1994:)

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Beginning of ReadMe : VI/35 Bibliographic Catalogue of Variable Stars (Huth+ 1986) ================================================================================ Bibliographic Catalogue of Variable Stars Huth H., Wenzel W. <Zentralinstitut fur Astrophysik (1986)> ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Bibliography ; Stars, variable Description: This Bibliographic Catalogue of Variable Stars (BCVS) contains bibliographical references to all those variable stars which got final designations or are named by Greek or similar letters. This catalog may be treated as a supplemental work to GUL (History and Bibliography of the Light-Changes of Variable Stars), which contains the knowledge and the history of all variable stars well studied before 1958. Each record of the BCVS consists of the identification (numbers), the name of the variable, author's name(s), the year of publication, the name of the publication (abbreviated), and/or the volume (or fascicule) and page numbers. See also: Superseded by catalog VI/67 in 1992: VI/67 : Bibliographic Cat of Variable Stars (BCVS), Part 1 (Huth,Wenzel 1992) ****SUPERSEDED**** ================================================================================ (End) 14-Jun-1994