VI/109   Population Synthesis Models at very low metallicities  (Schaerer, 2003)
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	initial.dat type20.dat type21.dat type22.dat type23.dat type24.dat
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Beginning of ReadMe : VI/109 Population Synthesis Models at very low metallicities (Schaerer, 2003) ================================================================================ The transition from Population III to normal galaxies: Lyalpha and HeII lambda1640 emission and the ionising properties of high redshift starburst galaxies Schaerer D. <Astron. Astrophys. 397, 527 (2003)> =2003A&A...397..527S ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Models, atmosphere ; Models, evolutionary ; Populations, stellar ; Spectra, ultraviolet Keywords: cosmology: early Universe - galaxies: stellar content - stars: general - stars: fundamental parameters - stars: atmospheres Abstract: Using new sets of stellar evolution models at very low metallicities (Z=10^-7^; 10^-5^) and previously published grids we examine spectral properties of the ionising continua, the Lyman-break, and the Lyalpha and He1640 recombination lines in starbursts. The metallicity dependence of these properties, especially the transition from primordial galaxies (Population III) to currently observed metallicities, is examined for various IMFs and star formation histories. Description: All the models used are included in the tar file "models.tar", which contains a README file describing the file naming conventions depending on the values of the parameters (see note (G1)). There are five different types of output for each set of parameter values, designated by a number between 20 and 24, which are also presented in tabular form in the files type20.dat to type24.dat. All the quantities are normalised to a total burst mass of 1solMass; note that different normalisation conventions may be found elsewhere, e.g. Starburst99 (Leitherer et al., 1999ApJS..123....3L) which is normalised to a burst of 10^6^solMass. The models are computed with the pop-iso-25 code Version 2.5.

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