V/32A       Stars within 25 pc of the Sun    (Woolley+ 1970)
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Beginning of ReadMe : V/32A Stars within 25 pc of the Sun (Woolley+ 1970) ================================================================================ Catalogue of Stars within 25 Parsecs of the Sun Woolley R.v.d.R., Epps E.A., Penston M.J., Pocock S.B. <Royal Obs. Ann. 5 (1970)> =1970ROAn....5....1W ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Stars, nearby Description: This catalog was constructed at the Royal Greenwich Observatory in order to enlarge the Gliese (1957) compilation. It contains data on stars nearer than 25 pc that are not included in Gliese's catalog, plus additional information published since 1957 on stars in the Gliese catalog. The machine version contains essentially all information given in Table Ia of the published catalog, plus positional data, and most cross references to other catalogs given in Table IIa. The notes flags in Table Ia are not included because the notes are not machine-readable. Omitted from Table IIa are the finding-chart indicators (Lowell G numbers or notes references) and miscellaneous cross identifications to other names and catalog identifiers. Tables Ib and IIb, containing 21 systems originally included in Gliese's (1957) catalog but for which revised parallaxes have placed them farther than 25 pc are not included in the machine version. Data in the machine version are Gliese number (Newly added stars begin with 9001, but new parallaxes have removed 9419 and added 9849 and 9850; the Sun [first record] has number 0); component identifications for multiple systems; parallax; annual proper motions; radial velocity; (U,V,W) space velocities; box orbit parameters (omega, e, i); spectral type; UBV data; absolute visual magnitude; right ascension (B1950) declination, GCTP (Jenkins 1952, 1963); HD DM, GCRV (Wilson 1953) and other catalog identifiers; BS (= HR) (Hoffleit 1964) numbers; and remarks codes for SB, doubles, variables, etc. Please note that the first entry is for the Sun, and thus it lacks fields such as RA and Dec.

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