V/19                Masses and Ages of Stars in 68 Open Clusters (Piskunov 1980)
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Beginning of ReadMe : V/19 Masses and Ages of Stars in 68 Open Clusters (Piskunov 1980) ================================================================================ Catalog of Masses and Ages of Stars in 68 Open Clusters Piskunov A. <CDS Bull. No. 19, p. 67 (1980)> =1980BICDS..19...67P ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Clusters, open ; Stars, ages ; Stars, masses Description: This catalog contains the evolutionary masses and ages of about 7000 stars in 68 open clusters, as derived from their positions in the theoretical HR diagram. Cluster ages range from 10^6^ to some 10^9^ years, and their population varies from 30 to 700 members. For each cluster we have a table with ages and masses of stars. The file, clusters.dat may include for each cluster, the name (or NGC/IC number), cluster class, assumed color index E(B-V), true distance modulus (V-M_V)_0, evolutionary tracks used for given cluster and reference to the source of UBV data. The data in data.dat consists of star serial number, color index, V magnitude, luminosity, effective temperature, and ages and masses of stars.

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