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Beginning of ReadMe : II/195B Namelists of variable stars Nos.67-73 (Khopolov+, 1985-97) ================================================================================ The computer-readable namelists of Variable Stars Nos.67-73 Kholopov P.N., Samus N.N., Kazarovets E.V., Perova N.B. <IAU Inform. Bull. Var. Stars, 2681, 1 (1985)> Kholopov P.N., Samus N.N., Kazarovets E.V., Kireeva N.N. <IAU Inform. Bull. Var. Stars, 3058, 1 (1987)> Kholopov P.N., Samus N.N., Kazarovets B.V., Frolov M.S., Kireeva N.N. <IAU Inform. Bull. Var. Stars, 3323, 1 (1989)> Kazarovets E.V., Samus N.N. <IAU Inform. Bull. Var. Stars, 3530, 1 (1990)> Kazarovets E.V., Samus N.N., Goranskij V.P. <IAU Inform. Bull. Var. Stars, 3840, 1 (1993)> Kazarovets E.V., Samus N.N. <IAU Inform. Bull. Var. Stars, 4140, 1 (1995)> Kazarovets E.V., Samus N.N. <IAU Inform. Bull. Var. Stars, 4471, 1 (1997)> =1985IBVS.2681....1K =1987IBVS.3058....1K =1989IBVS.3323....1K =1990IBVS.3530....1K =1993IBVS.3840....1K =1995IBVS.4140....1K =1997IBVS.4471....1K ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Stars, variable Authors' addresses: Description: We present a computer-readable version of six Name-Lists of Variable Stars (Nos.67-72) published in the system introduced during the preparation of the 4th GCVS edition. For printed versions of these Name-Lists see IBVS No.2681,1985; No.3058,1987; No.3323,1989; No.3530,1990; No.3840,1993; No.4140,1995. The main body of the 4th GCVS edition is already available in computer-readable form (see II/139, II/172, II/205). There are 2735 stars in the Name-Lists Nos.67-72 (file "nl.dat"). The variables are arranged in the order of their names inside constellations. One star of the 67th Name-List (V1810 Cyg=No.67247) turned out to be non-existing, it has been excluded from the table. The identification table (file "ident.dat") and the list of references (file "ref.dat") follow. The total number of designated variable stars has now reached 31193. In the new computer-readable version 1.1 of the GCVS, vol. IV (catalog II/172), we now present identifications also for name-list stars. We make no special attempt to present the material in a completely homogeneous form. There happened minor style evolution from the 67th to the 70th Name-List: particularly, the 67th Name-List normally refers in the identification table only to the catalogues cited in the papers mentioned in the references in the files "nl.dat" and "ident.dat", and to the 70th Name-List it became a common practice to give more catalogue identifications. From the Name-List No.70, there is no completeness in identifications with the old catalogues of suspected variables (CSV), in many cases we consider the NSV identification sufficient. We also do not try to update the information of the older Name-Lists, we only put the information together and correct known mistakes. The corrections to the Name-Lists have been taken into account. It is necessary to reproduce here two remarks from forewords of the printed Name-Lists: Name-List No.69. In the case of the variable stars in the open cluster NGC 3766 (V843-V849 Cen), there is some ambiguity in their identification with the HD,CoD,CPD catalogues. In particular, we do not agree with the HD catalogue identification of HD 100856 with CPD-60 3102 and consider V843 Cen=CPD-60 3102 to be identical with HDE 306794; HD 100856=CPD-60 3112. Name-List No.70. The 70th Name-List contains a number of variables in Taurus discovered by J. Kelemen [70113]. Unfortunately the discovery announcement contains some mistakes in co-ordinates and in identifications with other lists. These mistakes have been corrected according to [70114]. (Added in version II/195B) The name-list number 73 was added at CDS on 26-Sep-1997. It was kept in a different file because it is differently formatted (better accuracy in the position). The references of this 73rd name list were however merged with the previous ones in the file ref.dat.