I/21A               Astrographic Catalogue (AC), +05/+31deg (Lacroute+ 1981)
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	f05-11 f11-17 f18-24 f25-31

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Beginning of ReadMe : I/21A Astrographic Catalogue (AC), +05/+31deg (Lacroute+ 1981) ================================================================================ Astrographic Catalogue: Toulouse, Bordeaux, Paris and OxfordI zones Lacroute P., Valbousquet A. <Bull. Inform. CDS 6 (1974)> =1974BICDS...6...38L Valbousquet A. <Bull. Inform. CDS 13, 2 (1977)> =1977BICDS..13....2V Lacroute P. <Bull. Inform. CDS 21, 2 (1981)> =1981BICDS..21....2L ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Astrographic zones ; Magnitudes, photographic ; Positional data Description: The "Carte du Ciel" (or "Astrographic Catalogue") is a catalogue of star positions and magnitudes, determined on the photographic plates taken by the normal astrographs which are installed in observatories of various latitudes, as a world-wide astronomical project (see Eichhorn, 1974, p279). The catalogue is divided into 22 declination zones, each of which is assigned to each observatory, e.g., a zone from +18 to +24 degrees is to Paris observatory. Each observatory has taken photographs of 2 deg x 2 deg area in and covering each zone, measured the X,Y coordinates of star images on the photographic plates, and published the results as the printed catalogues. The present catalogue is the results of reduction of these X,Y coordinates into right ascension and declination values, for declination zones of +05 to +31, by using AGK2/3 catalogue as the reference. The participated observatories and the archived files are as follows: ------------------------------------------------------ declination zone observatory file ------------------------------------------------------ +05 to +10 Toulouse f05-11 +11 to +17 Bordeaux f11-17 +18 to +24 Paris f18-24 +25 to +31 Oxford I f25-31 ------------------------------------------------------ Note that +11 degree zone is also observed by Toulouse, and the results are included in the file f05-11.

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