I/226   ==OBSOLETE version of Catalogue==
11-Nov-1998: Superseded by AC2000, I/247
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Beginning of ReadMe : I/226 Vatican AC Zone Data Reduced to ACRS (Urban+ 1996) ================================================================================ Vatican AC Zone Data Reduced to ACRS Urban S.E., Jackson E.S., Corbin T.E. <U.S. Naval Obs., unpublished (1996)> ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Astrographic zones ; Positional data ; Historical catalog ; Photographic catalog ; Regional catalog ; Surveys ; Cross identifications Abstract: The U.S. Naval Observatory is in the process of making new reductions of the Astrographic Catalogue (AC) using a modern reference system, the ACRS, which represents the system of the FK5. The data from the Vatican Zone, whose plates are centered between declinations +55 and +64 degrees (eq. 1900), have been analyzed for scale, rotation, tilt, coma, magnitude equation, radial distortion and distortions introduced by the use of reseaux in the Carte du Ciel program. The result is a positional catalog of over 256,000 stars on eq. J2000.0, epoch of observation. Additionally, all stars have been matched with the Tycho Input Catalog (revised); those numbers have been added for additional identification purposes.

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