II/348       VISTA Variable in the Vis Lactea Suyrvey DR2      (Minniti+, 2017)
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Beginning of ReadMe : II/348 VISTA Variable in the Via Lactea Survey DR2 (Minniti+, 2017) ================================================================================ VISTA Variables in the Via Lactea Survey (VVV). Catalogue Data Release 2 (VVV CAT). Minniti D., Lucas P., VVV team <Astron. Astrophys., 537, A107 (2002)> =2017yCat.2348....0M ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Surveys ; Infrared sources ; Photometry, infrared Mission_Name: ESO Keywords: Galaxy: bulge - Galaxy: disk - Galaxy: stellar content - stars: abundances - infrared: stars - surveys Abstract: The VVV Survey data delivered in this part of ESO Data Release 2 (DR2) are based on the VISTA/VIRCAM images that were acquired up to September 30, 2011, and processed by the Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit (CASU). This "VVV_CAT" data release contains the single-epoch band-merged (Z, Y, J, H, Ks) catalogues associated with the VVV tile images that have already been released in the part of DR2 identified as Batch 2 of the "VVV' collection in the ESO archive. VVV_CAT contains 348 tile catalogues. Description: The J, H and Ks images for each tile were obtained contemporaneously within a single OB, so that the time interval between images in different filters does not exceed 20 minutes. The Z and Y images for each tile were grouped together in another OB, separate in time from the JHKs OBs. Acknowledging VVV in publications: Please use the following statement in any publication using these data: "Based on data products from observations made with ESO Telescopes at the La Silla Paranal Observatory under programme ID 179.B-2002"

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