J/A+A/428/1043      Redshifts from VIMOS VLT Deep Survey       (Le Fevre+, 2004)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/A+A/428/1043 Redshifts from VIMOS VLT Deep Survey (Le Fevre+, 2004) ================================================================================ The VIMOS VLT Deep Survey. Public release of 1599 redshifts to I_AB_<=24 across the Chandra Deep Field South. Le Fevre O., Vettolani G., Paltani S., Tresse L., Zamorani G., Le Brun V., Moreau C., Bottini D., Maccagni D., Picat J.P., Scaramella R., Scodeggio M., Zanichelli A., Adami C., Arnouts S., Bardelli S., Bolzonella M., Cappi A., Charlot S., Contini T., Foucaud S., Franzetti P., Garilli B., Gavignaud I., Guzzo L., Ilbert O., Iovino A., Mccracken H.J., Mancini D., Marano B., Marinoni C., Mathez G., Mazure A., Meneux B., Merighi R., Pello R., Pollo A., Pozzetti L., Radovich M., Zucca E., Arnaboldi M., Bondi M., Bongiorno A., Busarello G., Ciliegi P., Gregorini L., Mellier Y., Merluzzi P., Ripepi V., Rizzo D. <Astron. Astrophys., 428, 1043-1049 (2004)> =2004A&A...428.1043L ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Surveys ; Redshifts Keywords: surveys - galaxies: high-redshift - galaxies: distances and redshifts - cosmology: observations - galaxies: evolution - cosmology: large scale structure of Universe Abstract: This paper presents the VIMOS VLT Deep Survey around the Chandra Deep Field South (CDFS). We have measured 1599 new redshifts with VIMOS on the European Observatory Very Large Telescope - UT3, in an area 21x21.6arcmin^2^, including 784 redshifts in the Hubble Space Telescope - Advanced Camera for Surveys GOODS area. 30% of all objects with I_AB_=24 have been observed independently of magnitude, indicating that the sample is purely magnitude limited. We have reached an unprecedented completeness level of 84% in terms of the ratio of secure measurements vs. observed objects, while 95% of all objects have a redshift measurement. A total of 1452 galaxies, 139 stars, 8 QSOs have a redshift identification, 141 of these being unsecure measurements. The redshift distribution down to IAB=24 is peaked at a median redshift z=0.73, with a significant high redshift tail extending up to  4. Several high density peaks in the distribution of galaxies are identified. In particular, the strong peak at z=0.735 contains more than 130 galaxies in a velocity range +/-2000km/s distributed all across the transverse  20h^-1^Mpc of the survey. We are releasing all redshifts to the community, along with the cross identification with HST-ACS GOODS sources on the CENCOS database environment http://cencosw.oamp.fr . Description: Observations with VIMOS have been obtained between October 31 and December 6, 2002. Observing conditions were photometric with an image quality between 0.6 and 1.2-arcsec FWHM. We have moved the telescope, hence the objects along the slits, in a sequence of 5 positions with offsets -1.4, -0.7, 0, +0.7, +1.4-arcsec from the reference pointing position. This is necessary to compute the fringing pattern produced above 8300AA by the thinned EEV CCDs used in VIMOS, and remove it during processing.

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