J/AJ/131/2373       X-ray point source catalog of the ECDFS      (Virani+, 2006)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/AJ/131/2373 Extended Chandra Deep Field-South survey (Virani+, 2006) ================================================================================ The extended Chandra Deep Field-South survey: X-ray point-source catalog. Virani S.N., Treister E., Urry C.M., Gawiser E. <Astron. J., 131, 2373-2382 (2006)> =2006AJ....131.2373V ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: X-ray sources ; Surveys ; Active gal. nuclei Keywords: cosmology: observations - diffuse radiation - galaxies: active - surveys - X-rays: galaxies - X-rays: general Abstract: The Extended Chandra Deep Field-South (ECDFS) survey consists of four Chandra X-Ray Observatory ACIS-I pointings and covers  1100arcmin^2^ ( 0.3deg^2^) centered on the original CDF-S field to a depth of approximately 228ks. This is the largest Chandra survey ever conducted at such depth, and only one XMM-Newton survey reaches a lower flux limit in the hard 2.0-8.0keV band. We detect 651 unique sources: 587 using a conservative source-detection threshold and 64 using a lower source-detection threshold. These are presented as two separate catalogs. Of the 651 total sources, 561 are detected in the full 0.5-8.0keV band, 529 in the soft 0.5-2.0keV band, and 335 in the hard 2.0-8.0keV band. For point sources near the aim point, the limiting fluxes are approximately 1.7x10^-16^ and 3.9x10^-16^ergs/cm^2^/s in the 0.5-2.0 and 2.0-8.0keV bands, respectively. Using simulations, we determine the catalog completeness as a function of flux and assess uncertainties in the derived fluxes due to incomplete spectral information. We present the differential and cumulative flux distributions, which are in good agreement with the number counts from previous deep X-ray surveys and with the predictions from an active galactic nucleus (AGN) population synthesis model that can explain the X-ray background. In general, fainter sources have harder X-ray spectra, consistent with the hypothesis that these sources are mainly obscured AGNs. Description: All nine observations of the ECDFS survey field were conducted with the Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer (ACIS) on board Chandra as part of the approved guest observer program in Cycle 5.

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