J/A+A/569/A124      GUViCS. Ultraviolet Source Catalogs          (Voyer+, 2014)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/A+A/569/A124 GUViCS. Ultraviolet Source Catalogs (Voyer+, 2014) ================================================================================ The GALEX Ultraviolet Virgo Cluster Survey (GUViCS). III. The Ultraviolet Source Catalogs. Voyer E.N., Boselli A., Boissier S., Heinis S., Cortese L., Ferrarese L., Cote P., Cuillandre J.-C., Gwyn S.D.J., Peng E.W., Zhang H., Liu C. <Astron. Astrophys. 569, A124 (2014)> =2014A&A...569A.124V ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Clusters, galaxy ; Galaxies, photometry ; Ultraviolet Keywords: catalogs - galaxies: clusters: individual: Virgo - galaxies: star formation - ultraviolet: galaxies galaxies: photometry Abstract: In this paper we introduce the deepest and most extensive ultraviolet extragalactic source catalogs of the Virgo Cluster area to date. Archival and targeted GALEX imaging is compiled and combined to provide the deepest possible coverage over  120deg^2^ in the NUV (lambda_eff_=2316AA) and  40deg^2^ in the FUV (lambda_eff_=1539AA) between 180deg<=RA<=195deg and 0deg<=DE<=20deg. We measure the integrated photometry of 1770 extended UV sources of all galaxy types and use GALEX pipeline photometry for 1,230,855 point-like sources in the foreground, within, and behind the cluster. Extended source magnitudes are reliable to m_UV_ 22, showing a  0.01sigma difference from their asymptotic magnitudes. Point-like source magnitudes have a 1sigma standard deviation within  0.2mag down to m_uv_ 23. The point-like source catalog is cross-matched with large optical databases and surveys including the SDSS DR9 (>1 million Virgo Cluster sources), the Next Generation Virgo Cluster Survey (NGVS; >13 million Virgo Cluster sources), and the NED ( 30,000 sources in the Virgo Cluster). We find that 69% of the entire UV point-like source catalog has a unique optical counterpart, 11% of which are stars and 0.01% (129) are Virgo cluster members that are neither in the VCC nor part of the bright CGCG galaxy catalog (i.e., m_pg_<14.5). These data are collected in three catalogs containing the UV extended sources, the UV point-like sources, and the most relevant optical parameters of UV-optically matched point-like sources for further studies from SDSS. The GUViCS catalogs provide a unique set of data for future work on UV and multiwavelength studies in the cluster and background environments. Description: These catalogs are based on GALEX NUV and FUV source detections in and behind the Virgo Cluster. The detections are split into catalogs of extended sources and point-like sources. The UV Virgo Cluster Extended Source catalog (UV_VES.fit) provides the deepest and most extensive UV photometric data of extended galaxies in Virgo to date. If certain data is not available for a given source then a null value is entered (e.g. -999, -99). UV point-like sources are matched with SDSS, NGVS, and NED and the relevant photometry and further data from these databases/catalogs are provided in this compilation of catalogs. The primary GUViCS UV Virgo Cluster Point-Like Source catalog is UV_VPS.fit. This catalog provides the most useful GALEX pipeline NUV and FUV photometric parameters, and categorizes sources as stars, Virgo members, and background sources, when possible. It also provides identifiers for optical matches in the SDSS and NED, and indicates if a match exists in the NGVS, only if GUViCS-optical matches are one-to-one. NED spectroscopic redshifts are also listed for GUViCS-NED one-to-one matches. If certain data is not available for a given source a null value is entered. Additionally, the catalog is useful for quick access to optical data on one-to-one GUViCS-SDSS matches.The only parameter available in the catalog for UV sources that have multiple SDSS matches is the total number of multiple matches, i.e. SDSS_NUM_MTCHS. Multiple GUViCS sources matched to the same SDSS source are also flagged given a total number of matches, SDSS_NUM_MTCHS, of one. All other fields for multiple matches are set to a null value of -99. In order to obtain full optical SDSS data for multiply matched UV sources in both scenarios, the user can cross-correlate the GUViCS ID of the sources of interest with the full GUViCS-SDSS matched catalog in GUV_SDSS.fit. The GUViCS-SDSS matched catalog, GUV_SDSS.fit, provides the most relevant SDSS data on all GUViCS-SDSS matches, including one-to-one matches and multiply matched sources. The catalog gives full SDSS identification information, complete SDSS photometric measurements in multiple aperture types, and complete redshift information (photometric and spectroscopic). It is ideal for large statistical studies of galaxy populations at multiple wavelengths in the background of the Virgo Cluster. The catalog can also be used as a starting point to study and search for previously unknown UV-bright point-like objects within the Virgo Cluster. If certain data is not available for a given source that field is given a null value.

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