II/341              VPHAS+ DR3 survey                            (Drew+, 2016)
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Beginning of ReadMe : II/341 VPHAS+ DR2 survey (Drew+, 2016) ================================================================================ The VST Photometric Halpha Survey of the Southern Galactic Plane and Bulge (VPHAS+). Second VPHAS data release (DR2). Drew J.E., Gonzalez-Solares E., Greimel R., Irwin M.J., Kupcu Yoldas A., Lewis J., Barentsen G., Eisloffel J., Farnhill H.J., Martin W.E., Walsh J.R., Walton N.A., Mohr-Smith M., Raddi R., Sale S.E., Wright N.J., Groot P., Barlow M.J., Corradi R.L.M., Drake J.J., Fabregat J., Frew D.J., Gansicke B.T., Knigge C., Mampaso A., Morris R.A.H., Naylor T., Parker Q.A., Phillipps S., Ruhland C., Steeghs D., Unruh Y.C., Vink J.S., Wesson R., Zijlstra A.A. <VPHAS+ survey, (2016)> =2016yCat.2341....0D ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Surveys ; Photometry, uvby ; Photometry, H-alpha Mission_Name: ESO Keywords: surveys - stars: general - HII regions - planetary nebulae: general - Galaxy: bulge - Galaxy: disc Abstract: The primary goal of the VST Photometric Halpha Survey of the Southern Galactic Plane and Bulge (VPHAS+) is to collect single-epoch ugri broad-band and Ha narrow-band photometry across the southern Galactic Plane within the latitude range -5deg<b<+5deg down to point source magnitudes of  21 or better. The VPHAS+ footprint also includes the inner Galactic Bulge, defined as a 20x20 deg^2^ box around the Galactic Centre: this assures optical coverage of the full VVV footprint. For all massive OBA stars this survey is deep enough to explore all but the most heavily obscured locations of the southern Plane, reaching to >4kpc from the Sun. These data will increase the number of known southern emission line stars by up to an order of magnitude, yielding much better statistics on important short-lived types of object. The wide-area uniform photometry obtained will also facilitate stellar population studies, capable of tracing structure over much of the southern Plane. VPHAS+ will trawl the star-formation history of the Galaxy as seen in stellar remnants of all types. Description: The Second VPHAS data release (DR2) covers the first 21 months of data-taking in which the survey progressed to 24 percent completion. Much of the Galactic mid-plane is now covered (especially in the r, i and Halpha filters). This images release supersedes DR1. The full description of the catalogue, including a discussion of how the catalogue was made and advice on best use of the data, is available as file vphas-dr2-desc.pdf (ftp://cdsarc.u-strasbg.fr/pub/cats/II/341/vphas-dr2-desc.pdf). The current photometric scale is linked to APASS in g, r and i, while the u and Halpha bands are calibrated by local offsetting from g and r. For ESO archive entry, see ESO's public survey pages (http://eso.org/rm/publicAccess#/dataReleases). The catalogue was prepared by G. Barentsen, using respectively DAOPHOT and CASUTOOLS for the PSF and aperture photometry alternatives provided. The appropriate journal reference for the use of VPHAS+data is to: Drew et al., 2014MNRAS.440.2036D. If making use of data from this release, please use the following statement in the acknowledgements: "Based on data products from observations made with ESO Telescopes at the La Silla Paranal Observatory under public survey programme ID, 177.D-3023".

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