II/352        The VISTA Hemisphere Survey (VHS) catalog        (McMahon+, 2013)
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Beginning of ReadMe : II/352 The VISTA Hemisphere Survey (VHS) catalog (McMahon+, 2013) ================================================================================ VISTA Hemisphere Survey band-merged multi-waveband catalogues (VHS) McMahon, R. G., Banerji, M., Gonzalez, E., Koposov, S. E., Bejar, V. J., Lodieu, N., Rebolo, R., The VHS Collaboration <The Messenger. 154, 35-37 (2013)> =2013Msngr.154...35M =2017yCat.2352....0M ================================================================================ Mission_Name: ESO ADC_Keywords: Photometry, infrared ; Surveys Abstract: The first Galactic and extragalactic results from the VISTA Hemisphere Survey (VHS) are presented. The aim of the VHS is to carry out a near-infrared survey which, when combined with other VISTA public surveys, will result in coverage of the whole southern celestial hemisphere ( 20000deg^2^) to a depth 30 times fainter than the Two Micron All Sky Survey in at least two wavebands (J and Ks). The VHS vision includes a deep optical survey over the same area and this is now being realised with the VST surveys and the Dark Energy Survey, which has recently started. A summary of the survey progress is presented, with some follow-up results on low-mass stars and high-redshift quasars. Description: Observations were made with the VIRCAM instrument on the ESO-VISTA telescope between 2009 November and 2013 October in Y, J, H and Ks filters. Acknowledging the VHS in publications: Please include the following acknowledgment in any published material that makes use of the VHS products: Based on observations made with ESO Telescopes at the La Silla or Paranal Observatories under programme ID 179.A-2010

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