J/A+A/447/71    CHANDRA X-ray point sources in Cen A (NGC 5128)    (Voss+, 2006)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/A+A/447/71 CHANDRA X-ray point sources in Cen A (NGC 5128) (Voss+, 2006) ================================================================================ The luminosity function of X-ray point sources in Centaurus A. Voss R., Gilfanov M. <Astron. Astrophys., 447, 71-80 (2006)> =2006A&A...447...71V ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: X-ray sources Keywords: galaxies: individual: Centaurus A - X-rays: binaries - X-rays: galaxies Abstract: We have studied the X-ray point source population of Centaurus A (NGC 5128) using data from four archival CHANDRA observations. We detected 272 point-like X-ray sources within a radius of 10' from the centre. Approximately half of these are CXB sources, with the remaining half being LMXBs. The spatial distribution of the LMXBs, both azimuthally averaged and 2D, is consistent with the distribution of the K-band light observed in the 2MASS survey. After correction for the incompleteness effect we constrain the LMXB luminosity function down to  2x10^36^erg/s, much lower than previous studies of LMXBs in elliptical galaxies. Description: The analysis in this paper is based on four CHANDRA observations, two of them made with the ACIS-I array (OBS-ID 316 and 962), and the other two with the ACIS-S array (OBS-ID 2978 and 3965).

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