III/256             Vatican Emission-line stars              (Coyne+ 1974-1983)
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Beginning of ReadMe : III/256 Vatican Emission-line stars (Coyne+ 1974-1983) ================================================================================ Vatican Emission-line stars. Coyne G.V., Lee T.A., de Graeve E., Wisniewski W., Corbally C., Otten L.B., MacConnell D.J. <Vatican Obs. Publ. (1974-1983)> =1974VatOP...1..181C =1975VatOP...1..197C =1976VatOP...1..225W =1976VatOP...1..245W =1978VatOP...1..257C =1983VatOP...2...63M =1983VatOP...2...73C ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Stars, emission ; Surveys ; Stars, late-type ; Galactic plane ; Spectroscopy Description: The survey represents a search for Halpha emission-line stars, and was conducted with a 12deg objective prism on the Vatican Schmidt telescope. The Vatican Emission Stars (VES) survey covers the galactic plane (|b|<=5deg) between galactic longitudes 58 and 174deg. The catalog was re-examined by B. Skiff (Lowell Observatory), and tne VES stars were cross-identified with modern surveys: GSC (Cat. I/255), Tycho-2 (I/256), 2MASS (II/246), IRAS point source catalog (II/125), MSX6C (V/114), CMC14 (I/304), GSC-2.3 (I/305), UCAC2 (I/289). Cross-identifications are also supplied with HD/BD/GCVS names, and with Dearborn catalog of red stars (II/68). Many of the stars in the first four papers are not early-type emission-line stars, but instead M giants, where the sharp TiO bandhead at 6544AA was mistaken for H-alpha emission on the objective-prism plates. Based on the revision of paper V and a later list prepared by Jack MacConnell, a column identifies the "non H-alpha" stars explicitly. The links with the Dearborn, IRAS, and MSX catalogues help identify the red stars. These and other identifications and comments are given in the remarks at the end of each line, or in longer notes in a separate file, indicated by an asterisk (*) next to the star number.

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