II/94               The Revised AFGL (RAFGL) Catalogue           (Price+ 1983)
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Beginning of ReadMe : II/94 The Revised AFGL (RAFGL) Catalogue (Price+ 1983) ================================================================================ The Revised AFGL I.R. Sky Survey Catalog and Supplement Price S.D., Murdock T.L. <Air Force Geophysics Lab. AFGL-IR-83-0161 (1983)> =1983AFGL..161....0P ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Photometry, infrared ; Surveys ; Infrared sources Description: The catalog (RAFGL) contains the results of extensive verification and photometric studies of AFGL sources performed since the publication of "The AFGL Four Color Infrared Sky Survey: Catalog of Observations at 4.2, 11.0, 19.8, and 27.4 micrometers" (AFGL, Price and Walker 1976) as well as recent survey measurements with larger instruments. Improved positions and more extensive photometry have been provided by ground-based searches for the RAFGL objects and questions about unconfirmed sources from early investigations of the AFCRL Infrared Sky Survey (Walker and Price 1975) have, for the most part, been resolved. Many of the spurious sources were eliminated from the AFGL catalog in the reanalysis by including a rescan confirmation criterion in addition to the signal-to-noise gate used for the AFCRL catalog. The RAFGL is a revision of AFGL to include more accurate information and to provide identifications and improved positions for unidentified AFGL sources.

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