I/295          Absolute Proper motions of 59766 stars          (Bobylev+, 2004)
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Beginning of ReadMe : I/295 Absolute Proper motions of 59766 stars (Bobylev+, 2004) ================================================================================ Proper motions of 59766 stars with respect to galaxies in 149 areas of the sky (PUL2). Bobylev V.V., Bronnikova N.M., Schakht N.A. <Pis'ma Astron. Zh. 30, 519 (2004)> =2004PAZh...30..519B =2004AstL...30..469B ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Proper motions Description: The catalog PUL2 was made by photographic method in Pulkovo in accordance with Deutsch plan (KSZ, Deutch A.N., 1952IAUT....8..789D). Observations were made using Pulkovo Normal astrograph. The first epochs of photographic plates were fulfilled since 1937 till 1965, and the second ones - since 1969 till 1986. PUL2 includes 149 areas uniformly covering the North sky. The mean epoch difference is 24 years. For each area there are three pairs of plates. All plates are taken with one hour and 5 min exposure. On the plates with diffraction grating only bright reference stars were measured. For obtaining relative star proper motions the faint (15.2) reference stars we used. Relative proper motions were obtained using a six constant plate model. For obtaining fictitious proper motions of extragalactic objects (absolutization) about 700 galaxies was used. Random errors of relative star proper motions are of 5.5mas/yr in right ascension and 5.9mas/yr in declination. Errors of fictitious proper motions of galaxies are of 7.9mas/yr (mean absolutization error) for both coordinates by a representation of the Oort-Lindblad model. On the base of comparison of the common stars of PUL2 and Hipparcos catalogues the components of the residual rotation vector of the Hipparcos referently to extragalactic reference frame have been derived as follows: w(x,y,z)=(-0.98,-0.03,-1.66)+/-(0.47,0.38,0.42)mas/yr. Mean random errors of absolute bright star proper motions from comparison of PUL2 and Hipparcos catalogues were estimated as 9mas/yr in both coordinates.

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