J/ApJ/725/1792            Pi Ghz Sky Survey (PiGSS). I.           (Bower+, 2010)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/ApJ/725/1792 Pi Ghz Sky Survey (PiGSS). I. (Bower+, 2010) ================================================================================ The Allen Telescope Array Pi GHz Sky Survey. I. Survey description and static catalog results for the Bootes field. Bower G.C., Croft S., Keating G., Whysong D., Ackermann R., Atkinson S., Backer D., Backus P., Barott B., Bauermeister A., Blitz L., Bock D., Bradford T., Cheng C., Cork C., Davis M., De Boer D., Dexter M., Dreher J., Engargiola G., Fields E., Fleming M., Forster R.J., Gutierrez-Kraybill C., Harp G.R., Heiles C., Helfer T., Hull C., Jordan J., Jorgensen S., Kilsdonk T., Law C., Van Leeuwen J., Lugten J., Macmahon D., Mcmahon P., Milgrome O., Pierson T., Randall K., Ross J., Shostak S., Siemion A., Smolek K., Tarter J., Thornton D., Urry L., Vitouchkine A., Wadefalk N., Weinreb S., Welch J., Werthimer D., Williams P.K.G., Wright M. <Astrophys. J., 725, 1792-1804 (2010)> =2010ApJ...725.1792B ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Radio continuum ; Surveys Keywords: radio continuum: galaxies - radio continuum: general - radio continuum: stars - surveys Abstract: The Pi GHz Sky Survey (PiGSS) is a key project of the Allen Telescope Array. PiGSS is a 3.1GHz survey of radio continuum emission in the extragalactic sky with an emphasis on synoptic observations that measure the static and time-variable properties of the sky. During the 2.5 year campaign, PiGSS will twice observe  250000 radio sources in the 10000deg^2^ region of the sky with b>30deg to an rms sensitivity of  1mJy. Additionally, sub-regions of the sky will be observed multiple times to characterize variability on timescales of days to years. We present here observations of a 10deg^2^ region in the Bootes constellation overlapping the NOAO Deep Wide Field Survey field. The PiGSS image was constructed from 75 daily observations distributed over a 4 month period and has an rms flux density between 200 and 250uJy. This represents a deeper image by a factor of 4-8 than we will achieve over the entire 10000deg^2^. We provide flux densities, source sizes, and spectral indices for the 425 sources detected in the image. We identify  100 new flat-spectrum radio sources; we project that when completed PiGSS will identify 104 flat-spectrum sources. We identify one source that is a possible transient radio source. This survey provides new limits on faint radio transients and variables with characteristic durations of months. Description: The Pi GHz Sky Survey (PiGSS) observing began with the radio telescope ATA (Allen Telescope Array) in 2009 May. We report here on observations between 2009 May 20 and 2009 September 27. A total of 96 observations of the Bootes field were obtained, of which 75 were included in the final result.

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