J/MNRAS/444/1425    gi photometry of 14 LMC star clusters     (Piatti+, 2014)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/MNRAS/444/1425 gi photometry of 14 LMC star clusters (Piatti+, 2014) ================================================================================ Gemini/GMOS photometry of intermediate-age star clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Piatti A.E., Keller S.C., Mackey A.D., Da Costa G.S. <Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 444, 1425-1441 (2014)> =2014MNRAS.444.1425P ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Magellanic Clouds ; Associations, stellar ; Photometry, SDSS Keywords: techniques: photometric - galaxies: individual: LMC - Magellanic Clouds Abstract: We present Gemini South GMOS g, i photometry of 14 intermediate-age Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) star clusters, namely: NGC 2155, 2161, 2162, 2173, 2203, 2209, 2213, 2231, 2249, Hodge 6, SL 244, 505, 674, and 769, as part of a continuing project to investigate the extended main-sequence turn-off (EMSTO) phenomenon. Extensive artificial star tests were made over the observed field of view. These tests reveal the observed behaviour of photometric errors with magnitude and crowding. The cluster stellar density radial profiles were traced from star counts over the extent of the observed field. We adopt cluster radii and build colour-magnitude diagrams (CMDs) with cluster features clearly identified. We used the cluster (g, g-i) CMDs to estimate ages from the matching of theoretical isochrones. The studied LMC clusters are confirmed to be intermediate-age clusters, which range in age 9.10<log(t)<9.60. NGC 2162 and NGC 2249 look like new EMSTO candidates, in addition to NGC 2209, on the basis of having dual red clumps. Description: We obtained images of 14 candidate LMC intermediate-age clusters with the Gemini South telescope and the GMOS-S instrument through g and i filters. In imaging mode, GMOS-S has a field of view of approximately 5.5-arcminx5.5-arcmin at a scale of 0.146arcsec per (2x2 binned) pixel. The detector is a 3x1 mosaic of 2Kx4K EEV CCDs. Observations were executed in queue mode (under programmes GS-2011A-Q-43, GS-2012A-Q-15, and GS-2013A-Q-17) which enabled the data to be obtained in excellent seeing (0.35-0.78-arcsec FWHM) and under photometric conditions.

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