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Beginning of ReadMe : I/60 (superseded) Yale Catalogue Trigonometric-Parallax Data (Jenkins 1963) ================================================================================ Data on Trigonometric Parallaxes which have been used in the Yale Catalogue Jenkins L.F. <Yale Univ. Obs. (1963)> =1963YaleU.C......0J ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Parallaxes, trigonometric Description: This catalog contains the original parallax values used in deriving the adjusted trigonometric parallaxes contained in the General Catalog of Trigonometric Stellar Parallaxes (Jenkins, 1963, ADC Catalog Number 1081). That main catalog contains both the original compilation from 1952 and the 1963 supplement. This catalog contains the original values used for both 1952 and 1963 compilations. Please note that Catalog 1081 has been superseded by Catalog Number 1174. The table consists of the star identification numbers (as per Jenkins, 1963), the relative parallax values for that star and their sources, and the weights given to those values in averaging them for the main catalog, Jenkins (1963). Both the main catalog and this catalog contain stars supplemental to the original 1952 compilation. To add stars such that their serial star identification numbers remained in order of ascending Right Ascension, the original integral numbers were changed to ones with one decimal place. Thus, stars on the original list would have a ".0" added to their identifier (e.g., star 4 becomes star 4.0). The two stars from the supplemental list with R.A. between those of stars 152 and 153 (or 152.0 and 153.0) are identified as 152.1 and 152.2. PLEASE NOTE that in the computer-readable version, the decimal point has been omitted. The weights were formed from the corrected probable errors. The reader should review the source reference for a detailed explanation of the method by which those errors were assigned. The observatory source codes are explained in the Notes section of this document. The source reference also contains numerous notes that are not part of the computer-readable version. Most of these notes contain star designations, or attributions for the stellar spectral types that appear in Jenkins (1963). See also: I/238 : Yale Trigonometric Parallaxes, Fourth Edition (van Altena+ 1995) ================================================================================ (End) 14-May-1991

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