J/MNRAS/451/2625    SLUGGS Globular Cluster CaT and [Z/H]    (Pastorello+, 2015)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/MNRAS/451/2625 SLUGGS Globular Cluster CaT and [Z/H] (Pastorello+, 2015) ================================================================================ The SLUGGS survey: Combining stellar and globular cluster metallicities in the outer regions of early-type galaxies. Pastorello N., Forbes D.A., Usher C., Brodie J.P., Romanowsky A.J., Strader J., Spitler L.R., Alabi A.B., Foster C., Jennings Z.G., Kartha S.S., Pota V. <Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 451, 2625-2639 (2015)> =2015MNRAS.451.2625P ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Clusters, globular ; Associations, stellar ; Abundances Keywords: galaxies: star clusters: general - galaxies: stellar content - globular clusters: general - galaxies: abundances Abstract: The outer halo regions of early-type galaxies carry key information about their past accretion history. However, spectroscopically probing the stellar component at such galactocentric radii is still challenging. Using the DEep Imaging Multi-Object Spectrograph on the Keck, we have been able to measure the metallicities of the stellar and globular cluster components in 12 early-type galaxies out to more than 10Re. Description: As part of the SLUGGS (sluggs.swin.edu.au) survey of globular clusters (GCs) around early-type galaxies we present here the strength of near-infrared calcium triplet (CaT) of the 1129 GCs in 12 galaxies using DEIMOS on Keck. We have used the CaT strength to derive metallicity of each GC using the single stellar population models of Vazdekis et al. (2003MNRAS.340.1317V). The 12 galaxies are: NGC1023, NGC1400, NGC1407, NGC2768, NGC3115, NGC3377, NGC4278, NGC4365, NGC4473, NGC4494, NGC4649 and NGC5846.

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