J/AJ/141/64   PEARS emission-line galaxies spectroscopy      (Xia+, 2011)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/AJ/141/64 PEARS emission-line galaxies spectroscopy (Xia+, 2011) ================================================================================ Spectroscopic study of the HST/ACS PEARS emission-line galaxies. Xia L., Malhotra S., Rhoads J., Pirzkal N., Zheng Z., Meurer G., Straughn A., Grogin N., Floyd D. <Astron. J., 141, 64 (2011)> =2011AJ....141...64X ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Galaxies, spectra ; Photometry, SDSS ; Redshifts Keywords: galaxies: star formation - quasars: emission lines - techniques: spectroscopic Abstract: We present spectroscopy of 76 emission-line galaxies (ELGs) in Chandra Deep Field South taken with the LDSS3 spectrograph on the Magellan Telescope. These galaxies are selected because they have emission lines with the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) grism data in the Hubble Space Telescope Probing Evolution and Reionization Spectroscopically (PEARS) grism Survey. The ACS grism spectra cover the wavelength range 6000-9700AA and most PEARS grism redshifts are based on a single emission line + photometric redshifts from broadband colors; the Magellan spectra cover a wavelength range from 4000AA to 9000AA and provide a check on redshifts derived from PEARS data.

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