J/AJ/131/2478       M31 and M33 UBVRI photometry             (Massey+, 2006)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/AJ/131/2478 M31 and M33 UBVRI photometry (Massey+, 2006) ================================================================================ A survey of Local Group galaxies currently forming stars. I. UBVRI photometry of stars in M31 and M33. Massey P., Olsen K.A.G., Hodge P.W., Strong S.B., Jacoby G.H., Schlingman W., Smith R.C. <Astron. J., 131, 2478-2496 (2006)> =2006AJ....131.2478M ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Galaxies, nearby ; Photometry, CCD ; Photometry, UBVRI Keywords: catalogs - galaxies: individual (M31, M33) - galaxies: stellar content - stars: early-type - supergiants - surveys Abstract: We present UBVRI photometry obtained from Mosaic images of M31 and M33 using the Kitt Peak National Observatory 4m telescope. We describe our data reduction and automated photometry techniques in some detail, as we will shortly perform a similar analysis of other Local Group galaxies. The present study covered 2.2deg^2^ along the major axis of M31 and 0.8deg^2^ on M33, chosen so as to include all of the regions currently active in forming massive stars. We calibrated our data using photometry from the Lowell 1.1m telescope, and this external method resulted in millimagnitude differences in the photometry of overlapping fields, providing some assurance that our photometry is reliable. The final catalog contains 371781 and 146622 stars in M31 and M33, respectively, where every star has a counterpart in (at least) the B, V, and R passbands. Our survey goes deep enough to achieve 1%-2% photometry at 21mag (corresponding to stars more massive than 20M_sun_) and achieves <10% errors at  U  B  V  R  I 23mag. Description: The data were taken with the Mosaic CCD camera at the prime focus of the 4m Mayall telescope. The observing began in 2000 August and ran through 2002 September.

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