VII/261 Second Kiso Survey for UV-Excess Galaxies (KUG2)  (Miyauchi-Isobe+ 2010)
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Beginning of ReadMe : VII/261 Second Kiso Survey for UV-Excess Galaxies (KUG2) (Miyauchi-Isobe+ 2010) ================================================================================ Comprehensive Catalogue of Kiso Ultraviolet-Excess Galaxies Miyauchi-Isobe N., Maehara H., and Nakajima K. <Publ. Natl. Astron. Obs. Japan, 13, 9 (2010)> =2010PNAOJ..13....9M ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Galaxies, UV-excess; Surveys Keywords: Ultraviolet-excess galaxies - Survey with Schmidt telescope - KUG Abstract: We have continued the surveys of ultraviolet-excess galaxies (abbreviated as KUGs) with the 105cm Kiso Schmidt telescope for two decades. The first survey was summarized in Takase and Miyauchi-Isobe (1993b), which lists 8,104 KUGs in 5,100 square degrees area. The second survey has been followed the first survey with a similar method, and lists 1,985 objects in 1,860 square degrees area in 6 papers (Miyauchi-Isobe and Maehara 1998-2006), supplementing the first survey. The second survey is completed with this lists, because the similar method (i.e. to use photographic plates) has become impossible at Kiso Schmidt telescope. There are some differences in photographic plates used and the observation condition in the surveys, such as emulsions, exposures or seeing sizes. Thus the homogeneity of the KUG survey is rather low, but its catalogue forms a somewhat large collection of UV-excess/blue galaxies. In these circumstances, we intend to merge both catalogues, upon requests from investigators working in follow-up observations of these galaxies. In the process of catalogue merging, we met a systematic difference between the first (KUG1) and the second (KUG2) surveys in overall properties of objects, such as brightness, degree of UV-excess and morphological type. This mainly originates from differences in the observation condition and personal errors in the survey. We scrutinize and discuss those differences and errors, and finally merge into a comprehensive catalogue of KUGs (KUG2000) in the machine-readable form including near ten thousand UV-excess galaxies. Notice: "catalog.dat" is the KGU2 catalogue which is printed in the publication. One correction has been made after the publication, i.e., 0709+286 has been eliminated because it overlaps with 0709+286A. The comprehensive catalogue (KUG2000), which is the merged catalogue of KUG1 and KUG2, is not published in the printed form. It is published only in this catalogue service, as a separate catalogue. (See VII/995)