I/280B   All-sky Compiled Catalogue of 2.5 million stars  (Kharchenko+ 2009)
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Beginning of ReadMe : I/280B All-Sky Compiled Catalogue of 2.5 million stars (Kharchenko+ 2009) ================================================================================ All-Sky Compiled Catalogue of 2.5 million stars (ASCC-2.5, 3rd version) Kharchenko N.V., Roeser S. <Kinematics and Physics of Celestial Bodies. 17, 409 (2001)> =2001KFNT...17e.409K ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Combined data; Positional data; Proper motions; Parallaxes, trigonometric; Photometry; Spectral types; Stars, variable; Stars, double and multiple; Cross identifications Description: The All-Sky Compiled Catalogue of 2501313 stars (ASCC-2.5) with the limiting magnitude V=12-14 is a result of a merging of star lists from present day large high-precision catalogues from space (Hipparcos- Tycho family catalogues: Hipparcos main catalogue including Multiple System Annex [I/239], Tycho-1 [I/239], Tycho-2 [I/259], ACT-RC [I/246], TRC [I/250]) and ground-based (PPM-N [I/146], PPM-S [I/193], PPM-add [I/208], CMC11 [I/256]) observations and reduction to standard systems of corresponding stellar data. The data from the Tycho-2 Spectral Type Catalog [III/231], and the 2MASS All-Sky Catalog of Point Sources [II/246] are added. The basic stellar data presented in the ASCC-2.5 are the equatorial coordinates (J2000, epoch 1991.25), proper motions in the Hipparcos system, B and/or V stellar magnitudes in the Johnson system. Additionally, for some stars we give trigonometric parallaxes, spectral classes in the MK or HD system, multiplicity and variability flags, Hipparcos, Tycho-2, HD, DM designations. Equatorial coordinates and their standard errors were taken from the source catalogues in accordance with the priority: Hipparcos [I/239/hip_main], Tycho-2 [I/259], Tycho-1 [I/239/tyc_main], CMC11 [I/256], PPM [I/146,I/193,I/208]. Proper motions from the source catalogues were compared with Hipparcos data.The compiled proper motions in the Hipparcos system and their standard errors were computed as the weighted means. The weights were set in accordance with the proper motion errors listed for individual stars in the source catalogues. Trigonometric parallaxes are taken from the Hipparcos and Tycho-1 catalogues. Stellar B, V magnitudes were determined on the basis of the ground- based photometric data taken from CMC11, Hipparcos, as well as space BT, VT from Tycho-1, Tycho-2. Magnitudes from the PPM catalogue were used if no other photometric data were available. Tycho data were transformed to the Johnson system via: V = VT - 0.09 (B-V)T + dV, (B-V) = 0.850 (B-V)T + d(B-V), i.e. using the recommendations from the Introduction to the Tycho catalogue and including additional corrections dV and d(B-V). These additional corrections were determined by comparison with ground-based data in the Johnson system. These corrections depend non-linearly on colour and reach 0.02 and 0.04 mag, respectively. Infrared stellar magnitudes J, H, K_s_ and their errors were copied from the 2MASS catalogue. Spectral classes in the MK or HD systems were taken from Hipparcos, CMC11, PPM, and Tycho-2 Spectral Type catalogues. Multiplicity and variability flags were taken from Tycho-1, Tycho-2, Hipparcos, CMC11, and PPM catalogues. The 1st version of the ASCC-2.5 contained some errors in the zones -1 to +1 degree which have been corrected (see details in the "History" section below). The 2nd version included a new file (ccadd.dat) containing the previously missing stars (including components of multiple systems). Note that the ASCC numbers did not change between the two versions, but additional numbers (2600001 to 2603318) were assigned. In the present 3rd version of the ASCC-2.5 the stars from file ccadd.dat are inserted in the basic files in accordance with their coordinates. Stars in the ASCC-2.5 are divided into 30 files ordered by declination (North and South polar caps and 28 bands of 5 degrees width), then sorted in order of right ascension within each file.

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