V/77   ==OBSOLETE version of Catalogue==
16-Dec-1997: (by Francois Ochsenbein) See V/95

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Beginning of ReadMe : V/77 Skymap Star Catalog - Version 3.7 (Slater+ 1992) ================================================================================ Skymap, Revision 3 - Update 1 (version 3.7) Slater M., Hashmall J. <NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Document 554-FDD-89/001R3UD1 (1992)> ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Combined data ; Stars, distances ; Positional data Abstract: The SKYMAP system was developed to provide an accurate and complete catalog of all stars with blue or visual magnitudes brighter than 9.0 for use by attitude determination programs. The catalog contains approximately 248560 stars. Because for this use, completeness is more important than high accuracy, many quantities are little more than good guesses. The catalog contains data for the following four purposes: 1) Cross-referencing stars to other catalogs 2) Calculating star instrumental magnitudes 3) Calculating star positions at a given epoch 4) Determining star position errors, distances to near neighbours, and magnitude variability. Introduction: The original version has been improved and updated with corrections several times. Version 3.7 incorporates known errors documented previously in SKYMAP Error Reports. Magnitude errors discovered in SKYMAP Version 3.6 were corrected. Other minor catalog corrections, including the deletion of five duplicate entries and the addition of two stars, were also performed. The original catalog was compiled by D. M. Gottlieb of Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) under contract to NASA. The compilation and statistics of the catalog are described by Gottlieb (1978), while the source referenced above describes in detail the contents of the current version and the derivation of values not available observationally. * IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS CATALOG WAS NOT COMPILED TO PROVIDE THE MOST ACCURATE AND RELIABLE DATA AT THE ASTRONOMICAL RESEARCH LEVEL. THE DERIVATIONS OF TWO-DIMENSIONAL MK TYPES FROM ONE-DIMENSIONAL DATA, UBV VALUES FROM PHOTOVISUAL AND PHOTOGRAPHIC MAGNITUDES, AND STELLAR DISTANCES FROM MAGNITUDES AND SPECTRAL TYPES ARE EXTREMELY UNCERTAIN, SO THESE DATA SHOULD NOT BE USED WITHOUT CAREFUL SCRUTINY. THE VARIOUS FLAGS ASSOCIATED WITH CATALOG DATA SHOULD BE RETAINED WITH THE DATA AT ALL TIMES OR GROSS MISINTERPRETATIONS MAY RESULT. USERS OF THIS CATALOG SHOULD KEEP THESE FACTS IN MIND CONSTANTLY.