V/64   ==OBSOLETE version of Catalogue==
16-Apr-2005:  See V/122
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Beginning of ReadMe : V/64 Eighth Orbital Elements of Spectroscopic Binaries (Batten+ 1989) ================================================================================ Eighth catalogue of the orbital elements of spectroscopic binary systems. Batten A.H., Fletcher J.M., MacCarthy D.G. <Publ. Dominion Astrophys. Obs. 17 (1989)> =1989PDAO...17....1B ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Binaries, orbits ; Binaries, spectroscopic Description: The complete description of the catalogue, as well as the notes, is to be found in the Publ. Dominion Astrophys. Obs. 17 (1989). The present machine-readable version was transformed from the file provided by A.H. Batten for easier computer readability. Compared to the printed version, please note the following: 1) The four columns No. f(m) m.sin^3(i) a.sin(i) are NOT included in the computer version. No. (running number) is the line number of the main file (from 1 to 1469) f(m) (expressed in Solar Masses) can be computed from the Fortran formula 1.0385E-7 * (1-e*e)**1.5 * K(1)**3 * P a(*)sin i (expressed in km) can be computed from the Fortran formula 13751 * sqrt(1-e*e) * K(*) * P m(*)sin3i (expressed in Solar Masses) can be computed from the Fortran formula 1.0385E-7 * (1-e*e)**1.5 * K(*) * (K(1)+K(2))**2 * P The parameters are K(*) = velocity amplitude of the components, expressed in km/s; P = Period, expressed in days, sometimes in years; e = eccentricity 2) The notes, which make the bulk of the printed catalogue (pages 129-304), are NOT included.