V/55              A catalogue of high-velocity stars   (Roman, 1955)
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Beginning of ReadMe : V/55 A catalogue of high-velocity stars (Roman, 1955) ================================================================================ A catalogue of high-velocity stars Roman N.G. <Astrophys. J. Suppl. 2, 195 (Contrib. McDonald Obs. 262) (1955)> =1955ApJS....2..195R ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Stars, high-velocity Description: RHV catalogue on magnetic tape was prepared in process of compilation of population II stars catalogue on magnetic tape (Pop2) at Astrophysical Department, Insitute of Physics, Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, under supervision of A. Bartkevicius. Printed version of RHV catalogue contains 633 nonvariable high-velocity stars north of Dec -20 degrees, brighter than 9.5 mvis. A detailed information on RHV catalogue is given in original publication RHV catalogue on magnetic tape contains some modifications and additions: 1. Stars from tables 1 and 2 are sorted according to RA (1950.0) in the same file. 2. In addition to original equatorial coordinates RA, Dec (1900.0), there are presented RA, Dec (1950.0, 1875.0, 1855.0), RA, Dec (1950.0) in radians, and galactic coordinates (l, b). 3. HD number is given instead of Flamsteed number or Bayer designation. 4. MDSP and MDSPS1 numbers in catalogues of metal-deficient stars (A. Bartkevicius, Bull. Vilnius Obs., No.51, 1980; No.68, 1984) are added. The author, N. Roman, discovered an error in the printed catalog in the correction for solar motion. She corrected this error and recomputed the orbital elements.

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