V/146                        LAMOST DR1 catalogs                    (Luo+, 2015)
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Beginning of ReadMe : V/146 LAMOST DR1 catalogs (Luo+, 2015) ================================================================================ The first data release (DR1) of the LAMOST regular survey. Luo A.-L., Zhao Y.-H., Zhao G., Deng L.-C., Liu X.-W., Jing Y.-P., Wang G., Zhang H.-T., Shi J.-R., Cui X.-Q., Chu Y.-Q., Li G.-P., Bai Z.-R., Wu Y., Cai Y., Cao S.-Y., Cao Z.-H., Carlin J.L., Chen H.-Y., Chen J.-J., Chen K.-X., Chen L., Chen X.-L., Chen X.-Y., Chen Y., Christlieb N., Chu J.-R., Cui C.-Z., Dong Y.-Q., Du B., Fan D.-W., Feng L., Fu J.-N., Gao P., Gong X.-F., Gu B.-Z., Guo Y.-X., Han Z.-W., He B.-L., Hou J.-L., Hou Y.-H., Hou W., Hu H.-Z., Hu N.-S., Hu Z.-W., Huo Z.-Y., Jia L., Jiang F.-H., Jiang X., Jiang Z.-B., Jin G., Kong X., Kong X., Lei Y.-J., Li A.-H., Li C.-H., Li G.-W., Li H.-N., Li J., Li Q., Li S., Li S.-S., Li X.-N., Li Y., Li Y.-B., Li Y.-P., Liang Y., Lin C.-C., Liu C., Liu G.-R., Liu G.-Q., Liu Z.-G., Lu W.-Z., Luo Y., Mao Y.-D., Newberg H., Ni J.-J., Qi Z.-X., Qi Y.-J., Shen S.-Y., Shi H.-M., Song J., Song Y.-H., Su D.-Q., Su H.-J., Tang Z.-H., Tao Q.-S., Tian Y., Wang D., Wang D.-Q., Wang F.-F., Wang G.-M., Wang H., Wang H.-C., Wang J., Wang J.-N., Wang J.-L., Wang J.-P., Wang J.-X., Wang L., Wang M.-X., Wang S.-G., Wang S.-Q., Wang X., Wang Y.-N., Wang Y., Wang Y.-F., Wang Y.-F., Wei P., Wei M.-Z., Wu H., Wu K.-F., Wu X.-B., Wu Y.-Z., Xing X.-Z., Xu L.-Z., Xu X.-Q., Xu Y., Yan T.-S., Yang D.-H., Yang H.-F., Yang H.-Q., Yang M., Yao Z.-Q., Yu Y., Yuan H., Yuan H.-B., Yuan H.-L., Yuan W.-M., Zhai C., Zhang E.-P., Zhang H.-W., Zhang J.-N., Zhang L.-P., Zhang W., Zhang Y., Zhang Y.-X., Zhang Z.-C., Zhao M., Zhou F., Zhou X., Zhu J., Zhu Y.-T., Zou S.-C., Zuo F. <Res. Astron Astrophys., 15, 1095-1124 (2015)> =2015RAA....15.1095L (SIMBAD/NED BibCode) ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Surveys ; Spectroscopy ; Photometry Keywords: techniques: spectroscopic survey - data release - catalog Abstract: The Large sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST) general survey is a spectroscopic survey that will eventually cover approximately half of the celestial sphere and collect 10 million spectra of stars, galaxies and QSOs. Objects in both the pilot survey and the first year regular survey are included in the LAMOST DR1. The pilot survey started in October 2011 and ended in June 2012, and the data have been released to the public as the LAMOST Pilot Data Release in August 2012. The regular survey started in September 2012, and completed its first year of operation in June 2013. The LAMOST DR1 includes a total of 1202 plates containing 2955336 spectra, of which 1790879 spectra have observed signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)>=10. All data with SNR>=2 are formally released as LAMOST DR1 under the LAMOST data policy. This data release contains a total of 2204696 spectra, of which 1944329 are stellar spectra, 12082 are galaxy spectra and 5017 are quasars. The DR1 not only includes spectra, but also three stellar catalogs with measured parameters: late A,FGK-type stars with high quality spectra (1061918 entries), A-type stars (100073 entries), and M-type stars (121522 entries). This paper introduces the survey design, the observational and instrumental limitations, data reduction and analysis, and some caveats. A description of the FITS structure of spectral files and parameter catalogs is also provided. Description: The LAMOST general catalog includes 717469 objects obtained from the LAMOST pilot survey, which contain 648746 stars, 2723 galaxies, 621 quasars and 65406 unknown objects, and 1487200 objects obtained from the LAMOST general survey, which contain 1295583 stars, 9359 galaxies, 4396 quasars and 177862 unknown objects, so this catalog totally includes 2204696 objects including 1,944,329 stars, 12082 galaxies, 5017 quasars and 243268 unknown objects. In this catalog, there are 1186132 objects with SNR of g band larger than 10, 1680794 objects with SNR of i band larger than 10, and 1746202 objects with SNR of g band larger than 10 and SNR of i band larger than 10.