V/132                    SAI Open Clusters Catalog            (Glushkova+, 2009)
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Beginning of ReadMe : V/132 SAI Open Clusters Catalog (Glushkova+, 2009) ================================================================================ Automated search for star clusters in large multiband surveys. II. Discovery and investigation of open clusters in the Galactic plane Glushkova E.V., Koposov S.E., Zolotukhin I.Yu., Beletsky Y.V., Vlasov A.D., Leonova S.I. <Pis'ma Astron. Zh. 36, 83 (2010)) =2010PAZh...36...83G =2010AstL...36...75G ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Clusters, open ; Galactic plane ; Milky Way Keywords: Galaxy: structure - open clusters and associations: general - Surveys - Catalogs Abstract: The automated search for star clusters of J,H,K_s data from the Two Micron All-Sky Survey (2MASS) was made using a new method based on the convolution with density functions (Koposov et al. 2008A&A...486..771K). In two papers (this one and Koposov et al. 2008A), 168 new clusters were found and verified in the range of galactic latitude |b|<24 degrees. The new method to estimate main physical parameters of clusters was developed, which involves three different techniques: Hess-diagram, color-magnitude diagrams in (J,J-H) and (K_s,J-K_s), and radial density distribution. Color excesses E(B-V), distance moduli and ages were determined for 141 new and 27 known, but poorly studied clusters. We present the Sternberg Astronomical Institute Open Clusters Catalog (SAI OCL Catalog) of coordinates, diameters and main physical parameters of these clusters. The parameters for 9 clusters were determined using J,H,K data from UKIDSS GPS. For 26 new embedded clusters, we publish the coordinates and diameters only. To facilitate the access to these data and its scientific analysis, we have developed a dedicated web-site of the catalog available at http://ocl.sai.msu.ru/ Description: Data for 194 open clusters are listed. We provide color excesses E(B-V), distance moduli and ages with corresponding errors for 168 clusters. Lack of the errors in ages indicates that it was only possible to determine the upper limit of the age estimation. For 26 clusters we give the coordinates and diameters only. Clusters which name starts with 'SAI' or 'Koposov' were discovered or verified in the frame of this study; remaining clusters were known before but either have incorrect/inconsistent parameter estimations or do not have them at all. Tabular data, color-magnitude diagrams with fitted isochrones, Hess-diagrams and quick-look cluster images, as well as catalogs of UBVRI CCD photometry (where available) can be accessed from individual cluster web-pages at SAI OCL Catalog web-site either through the web-browser or by means of common programming interfaces.