V/125       Photometry and Spectroscopy for Luminous Stars      (Reed 2005)
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Beginning of ReadMe : V/125 Photometry and Spectroscopy for Luminous Stars (Reed 2005) ================================================================================ New estimates of the solar-neighborhood massive star birthrate and the galactic supernova rate. Reed C. <Astron. J. 125, 2531 (2003), Astron. J. 130, 1652 (2005)> =2003AJ....125.2531R +2005AJ....130.1652R ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Photometry, UBV ; Photometry, uvby, beta ; Radial velocities ; MK spectral classification ; Stars, luminous ; Milky Way Keywords: stars: early-type - supernovae: general Description: This catalogue supersedes the previous version (VI/92). The last update is 01 July 2005. This project originated in the summer of 1991 when the author began compiling a cross-reference catalog and tabulation of published UBVbeta photometry for stars listed in Stephenson and Sanduleak's Luminous Stars in the Southern Milky Way (Cat. III/43). This database was published in July 1993 (1993ApJS...87..367R) and was subsequently expanded to include compilations of published MK classifications (1995ApJS...97..189R), 4-color photometry (1996A&AS..117..313R), and radial velocities (1997AJ....113..823R) for these objects. In mid-1997 the project was again expanded to include UBVbeta photometry for stars listed in the northern-hemisphere volumes of the "Case-Hamburg" (Cat. III/76) surveys (Cat. J/ApJS/115/271); MK classifications for the northern stars were similarly compiled and made electronically available to interested parties, though were not formally published. Work on the radial velocity and four-color compilations has since been discontinued, but interested readers may still obtain those (for the LS-South stars) from the author. Most of the LS objects are OB stars, but there are as well a number of A, F, and G supergiants and a few white dwarfs and Wolf Rayet stars. These surveys reached a limiting photographic magnitude of  13.5, and were based on objective-prism surveys of dispersion 580AA/mm at Hgamma More details can be found in the files "obnotes.htm" (HTML format). Abstract of the paper: The birthrate of stars of masses >=10M_sun_ is estimated from a sample of just over 400 O3-B2 dwarfs within 1.5kpc of the Sun and the result extrapolated to estimate the Galactic supernova rate contributed by such stars. The solar-neighborhood Galactic-plane massive star birthrate is estimated at  176stars/kpc^3^/Myr. On the basis of a model in which the Galactic stellar density distribution comprises a "disk+central hole" like that of the dust infrared emission (as proposed by Drimmel and Spergel), the Galactic supernova rate is estimated at probably not less than  1 nor more than  2 per century and the number of O3-B2 dwarfs within the solar circle at  200000.