J/ApJ/702/178      YSOs in the central 400pc of the MW      (Yusef-Zadeh+, 2009)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/ApJ/702/178 YSOs in the central 400pc of the Galaxy (Yusef-Zadeh+, 2009) ================================================================================ Star formation in the central 400 pc of the Milky Way: evidence for a population of massive young stellar objects. Yusef-Zadeh F., Hewitt J.W., Arendt R.G., Whitney B., Rieke G., Wardle M., Hinz J.L., Stolovy S., Lang C.C., Burton M.G., Ramirez S. <Astrophys. J., 702, 178-225 (2009)> =2009ApJ...702..178Y ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Infrared sources ; Milky Way ; YSOs ; Stars, masses Keywords: galaxies: starburst - Galaxy: center - ISM: clouds - masers - stars: formation Abstract: The central kpc of the Milky Way might be expected to differ significantly from the rest of the Galaxy with regard to gasdynamics and the formation of young stellar objects (YSOs). We probe this possibility with mid-infrared observations obtained with Infrared Array Camera and Multiband Imaging Photometer on Spitzer and with Midcourse Space Experiment. We use color-color diagrams and spectral energy distribution (SED) fits to explore the nature of YSO candidates (including objects with 4.5um excesses possibly due to molecular emission). We use the SEDs of these sources to estimate their physical characteristics; their masses appear to range from  10 to  20M_sun_. Description: The source photometry was based on the 24um catalog compiled by Hinz et al. (2009, Cat. J/ApJS/181/227). Our data are complemented by the Spitzer Legacy program MIPS Inner Galactic Plane Survey (MIPSGAL) which observed 220degrees^2^ of the inner Galactic plane at 24 and 70um (Carey et al. 2009PASP..121...76C). In order to obtain more complete SEDs of some of the high latitude 24um sources that show excess emission at 4.5um, we selected a total of nine such sources distributed at high Galactic latitudes within our survey. These sources were observed separately with MIPS at 70um between 2007 September 21 and 23. We obtained 32 overlapping images at 20cm from two surveys: Yusef-Zadeh et al. 2004, Cat. J/ApJS/155/421 and Law et al. 2008, Cat. J/ApJS/177/255. C. C. Lang et al. (2011ASPC..439...53L) have completed a 6cm survey of the Galactic center region with a uniform uv coverage. We have used this data set to measure the fluxes of several point sources in the G359.43+0.02 cluster.