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Beginning of ReadMe : File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/AN/329/4/ReadMe: 194x80 24b 0b Elemental abundance analyses of nu Her & 41 Cyg (Adelman+, 2008) J/AN/329/4/abund.dat: 43x34 4b 3b Atomic abundances J/AN/329/4/table2.dat: 1910x55 210b 51b Abundances for nu Her & 41 Cyg J/AN/329/4 =====>: 2147x80 238b 54b Total File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/AN/329/418/ReadMe: 134x80 16b 0b UBVRcIc phot. of field stars of Seyfert galaxies (Mihov+, 2008) J/AN/329/418/table1.dat: 10x89 3b 2b List of selectect Syefert galaxies J/AN/329/418/table2.dat: 49x114 13b 5b Apparent Johnson-Cousins UBVRcIc magnitudes of J/AN/329/418 =====>: 193x114 32b 7b Total File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/AN/329/609/ReadMe: 218x80 26b 0b Red giant candidates in 10 open clusters (Claria+, 2008) J/AN/329/609/table1.dat: 10x49 2b 2b Observed clusters J/AN/329/609/table3.dat: 56x79 10b 4b UBV photometry J/AN/329/609/table4.dat: 56x70 9b 3b DDO photometry J/AN/329/609/table6.dat: 6x75 2b 2b Washington photometry of red giant candidates J/AN/329/609/table7.dat: 17x57 3b 2b CORAVEL mean radial velocities J/AN/329/609/table8.dat: 51x66 8b 3b Photometric membership J/AN/329/609/table9.dat: 47x75 8b 3b Effective temperature and metal abundance J/AN/329/609 =====>: 461x80 68b 19b Total File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/AN/329/790/ReadMe: 65x80 9b 0b HIP F-K main sequence stars filter transformation (Vasiliev+, 2008) J/AN/329/790/stars.dat: 786x73 115b 36b Luminosities and colours of the complete sample J/AN/329/790 =====>: 851x80 124b 36b Total File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/AN/329/801/ReadMe: 95x80 12b 0b Agglomerate of early-type Hipparcos stars (Caballero+, 2008) J/AN/329/801/table1.dat: 35x109 7b 3b Agglomerates of early-type Hipparcos stars J/AN/329/801/tablea1.dat: 406x105 84b 26b Early-type Hipparcos stars in aggregates J/AN/329/801 =====>: 536x109 103b 29b Total

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