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Beginning of ReadMe : File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/AN/323/31/ReadMe: 56x80 7b 4b UBVR light curves of ER Vul and RT And (Ekmekci+, 2002) J/AN/323/31/table4.dat: 3937x26 209b 53b RT And UBVR data J/AN/323/31/table5.dat: 1511x26 81b 20b ER Vul BV data J/AN/323/31 =====>: 5504x80 297b 77b Total File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/AN/323/139/ReadMe: 141x80 17b 6b HIP pop. II binaries radial velocities (Sperauskas+, 2002) J/AN/323/139/notes.dat: 106x111 12b 0b Individual notes to table1.dat J/AN/323/139/table1.dat: 114x90 22b 0b Radial velocity mean values J/AN/323/139/table2.dat: 114x333 16b 0b Individual radial velocities J/AN/323/139 =====>: 475x333 67b 6b Total File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/AN/323/484/ReadMe: 99x80 12b 0b Accurate coordinates of Planetary Nebulae (Kohoutek+, 2002) J/AN/323/484/remarks.dat: 58x111 9b 0b (1 empty lines) Remarks (concerns PNe and central stars) J/AN/323/484/table1.dat: 761x68 104b 0b Accurate coordinates J/AN/323/484/table3.dat: 41x76 7b 0b Central star candidates J/AN/323/484 =====>: 959x111 132b 0b Total

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