J/AJ/98/419       Observed quantities from B3 sources         (Vigotti+, 1989)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/AJ/98/419 Observed quantities from B3 sources (Vigotti+, 1989) ================================================================================ Structures, spectral indexes, and optical identifications of radio sources selected from the B3 catalogue. Vigotti M., Grueff G., Perley R., Clark B.G., Bridle A.H. <Astron. J. 98, 419 (1989)> =1989AJ.....98..419V ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Radio sources Description: This catalog contains results of a large program of optical identifications of radio sources from the Third Bologna (B3) Catalog (Ficarra et al., 1985A&AS...59..255F, Cat.VIII/37). A homogeneous sample of 1103 radio sources, selected from the B3 catalog at 408 MHz and covering a flux density range from 2.0 to 0.1 Jy, has been mapped at 1465 MHz using the VLA at 15" resolution. Both positional and structural information have been derived and are presented here. Optical identifications have been attempted for all of the sources within the range of right ascension studied, using the Palomar Sky Survey prints, resulting in 354 proposed identifications. The RA range was restricted to exclude sky areas at low galactic latitude, because obscuration makes these unsuitable for optical identifications, and confusion makes them unsuitable for VLA snapshot-mode observations. Thus the samples were selected only from the RA intervals 23h-3h, 7h-15h. The number of rows of this table (1474) is larger than the number of sources (1103) because each radio component of multiple sources is listed as a separate line.