J/AJ/130/496        KISS emission-line galaxy candidates        (Jangren+, 2005)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/AJ/130/496 KISS emission-line galaxy candidates (Jangren+, 2005) ================================================================================ Spectroscopy of KISS emission-line galaxy candidates. III. A second set of MDM observations. Jangren A., Wegner G., Salzer J.J., Werk J.K., Gronwall C. <Astron. J., 130, 496-505 (2005)> =2005AJ....130..496J ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Redshifts ; Reddening ; Equivalent widths ; Spectroscopy ; Galaxies, spectra Keywords: galaxies: distances and redshifts - galaxies: Seyfert - galaxies: starburst - surveys Abstract: Spectroscopic observations for 315 emission-line galaxy (ELG) candidates from the KPNO International Spectroscopic Survey (KISS) have been obtained using the MDM Observatory 2.4m telescope on Kitt Peak. KISS is a wide-field objective-prism survey for extragalactic emission-line objects that has cataloged over 2200 ELG candidates to date. Spectroscopic follow-up observations are being carried out to study the characteristics of the survey objects. The observational data presented here include redshifts, reddening estimates, line equivalent widths, Halpha line fluxes, and emission-line ratios. The galaxies have been classified based on their emission-line characteristics. Description: We obtained spectra for 315 KISS objects at the MDM 2.4m telescope over the course of three observing runs in 2002 April, 2003 April, and 2004 May.

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