J/A+A/535/A42       Metal rich stars in solar neighbourhood  (Trevisan+, 2011)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/A+A/535/A42 Metal rich stars in solar neighbourhood (Trevisan+, 2011) ================================================================================ Analysis of old very metal rich stars in the solar neighbourhood. Trevisan M., Barbuy B., Eriksson K., Gustafsson B., Grenon M., Pompeia L. <Astron. Astrophys. 535, A42 (2011)> =2011A&A...535A..42T ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Stars, nearby ; Stars, late-type ; Abundances Keywords: stars: abundances - solar neighbourhood - stars: atmospheres Abstract: The analysis of 71 metal-rich stars is based on optical high-resolution echelle spectra obtained with the FEROS spectrograph at the ESO 1.52-m Telescope at La Silla, Chile. The metallicities and abundances of C, O, Mg, Si, Ca, and Ti were derived based on LTE detailed analysis, employing the MARCS model atmospheres. We confirm the high metallicity of these stars reaching up to [FeI/H]=0.58, and the sample of metal-rich dwarfs can be kinematically subclassified in samples of thick disk, thin disk, and intermediate stellar populations. All sample stars show solar alpha-Fe ratios, and most of them are old and still quite metal rich. The orbits suggest that the thin disk, thick disk and intermediate populations were formed at Galactocentric distances of  8kpc,  6kpc, and  7kpc, respectively. The mean maximum height of the thick disk subsample of Z_max_ 380pc, is lower than for typical thick disk stars. A comparison of alpha-element abundances of the sample stars with bulge stars shows that the oxygen is compatible with a bulge or inner thick disk origin. Our results suggest that models of radial mixing and dynamical effects of the bar and bar/spiral arms might explain the presence of these old metal-rich dwarf stars in the solar neighbourhood. Description: Spectroscopic stellar parameters and abundances of C, O, Mg, Si, Ca, Ti and Ni for 71 stars. U, V, W velocities and orbital parameters derived using the GRINTON integrator (Carraro et al. 2002MNRAS.332..705C, Bedin et al. 2006A&A...460L..27B). Atomic data for Fe I, Fe II, Si I, Ca I, and Ti I lines.