J/A+A/510/A54   NaI and CaII interstellar absorption within 300pc (Welsh+, 2010)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/A+A/510/A54 NaI and CaII interstellar absorption (Welsh+, 2010) ================================================================================ New 3-D density maps of NaI and CaII interstellar absorption within 300pc. Welsh B.Y., Lallement R., Vergely J.-L., Raimond S. <Astron. Astrophys. 510, A54 (2010)> =2010A&A...510A..54W ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Stars, nearby ; Abundances ; Interstellar medium Keywords: solar neighborhood - ISM: atoms - ISM: clouds Abstract: We present new high resolution (R>50000) absorption measurements of the NaI doublet (5889-5895AA) along 482 nearby sight-lines, in addition to 807 new measurements of the CaII K (3933AA) absorption line. We have combined these new data with previously reported measurements to produce a catalog of absorptions towards a total of 1857 early-type stars located within 800pc of the Sun. Using these data we have determined the approximate 3-dimensional spatial distribution of neutral and partly ionized interstellar gas density within a distance-cube of 300pc from the Sun. Description: All newly recorded spectra were analyzed by means of a multi-component line profile-fitting program, in most cases using simultaneous fits to the line doublets. Normalized absorption profiles were fitted by varying the velocity, doppler width and column density for all intervening interstellar clouds. The resulting total column densities were then used in conjunction with the Hipparcos distances of the target stars to construct inversion maps of the 3D spatial density distribution of the NaI and CaII bearing gas.

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