J/A+A/510/A48       Palermo Swift-BAT Hard X-ray Catalogue     (Cusumano+, 2010)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/A+A/510/A48 Palermo Swift-BAT Hard X-ray Catalogue (Cusumano+, 2010) ================================================================================ The Palermo Swift-BAT Hard X-ray Catalogue. II. Results after 39 months of sky survey. Cusumano G., La Parola V., Segreto A., Mangano V., Ferrigno C., Maselli A., Romano P., Mineo T., Sbarufatti B., Campana S., Chincarini G., Giommi P., Masetti N., Moretti A., Tagliaferri G. <Astron. Astrophys. 510, A48 (2010)> =2010A&A...510A..48C ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: X-ray sources ; Surveys ; Active gal. nuclei Mission_Name: Swift Keywords: X-rays: general - catalogs - surveys Abstract: We present the Palermo Swift-BAT hard X-ray catalogue obtained from the analysis of the the data relative to the first 39 months of the Swift mission. We have developed a dedicated software to perform data reduction, mosaicking and source detection on the BAT survey data. We analyzed the BAT dataset in three energy bands (14-150keV, 14-30keV, 14-70keV), obtaining a list of 962 detections above a significance threshold of 4.8 standard deviations. The identification of the source counterparts was pursued using three strategies: cross-correlation with published hard X-ray catalogues, analysis of field observations of soft X-ray instruments, cross-correlation with the SIMBAD database. The survey covers 90% of the sky down to a flux limit of 2.5x10^-11^erg/cm^2^/s and 50% of the sky down to a flux limit of 1.8x10^-11^erg/cm^2^/s in the 14-150keV band. We derived a catalogue of 754 identified sources, of which  69% are extragalactic,  27% are Galactic objects,  4% are already known X-ray or gamma ray emitters whose nature has not been determined yet. The integrated flux of the extragalactic sample is  1% of the Cosmic X-ray background in the 14-150keV range. Description: The catalogue contains the 754 sources detected and identified in the first 39 months of BAT survey data. It include the BAT position, together with the offset with respect to the identified counterpart, the detection significance, the flux in the 15-150keV band (evaluated assuming a Crab-like spectrum), the hardness ratio in the [30-150]/[15-30] bands and the source luminosity, together with the counterpart redshift.

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