J/A+A/510/A39       V1127 Aql CoRoT light curves              (Chadid+, 2010)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/A+A/510/A39 CoRoT light curves of V1127 Aql (Chadid+, 2010) ================================================================================ First CoRoT light curves of RR Lyrae stars: Complex multiplet structure and non-radial pulsation detections in V1127 Aql. Chadid M., Benko J.M., Szabo R., Paparo M., Chapellier E., Kolenberg K., Poretti E., Bono G., Le Borgne J.-F., Trinquet H., Artemenko S., Auvergne M., Baglin A., Debosscher J., Grankin K.N., Guggenberger E., Weiss W.W. <Astron. Astrophys. 510, A39 (2010)> =2010A&A...510A..39C ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Stars, variable ; Spectroscopy Keywords: stars: atmospheres - stars: variables: RR Lyrae - techniques: photometric - methods: data analysis - hydrodynamics - space vehicles Abstract: The CoRoT space mission - Convection Rotation and Planetary Transits - is a great opportunity for monitoring stars with excellent time-sampling and unprecedented photometric precision for up to 150days. As an important benefit, high-quality RR Lyrae light curves are obtained with a quasi-uninterrupted coverage over several pulsation and Blazhko cycles. The Blazhko effect in RR Lyrae stars is an unsolved problem of astrophysics. We used the high-precision space data to contribute with more precise knowledge to clear up the possible physical processes behind the phenomenon. We applied different period finding techniques including Period04, MuFrAn, PDM and SigSpec. Amplitude and phase modulation were investigated by an analytical function method as well as with the traditional O-C diagrams. The Blazhko modulation frequency is directly detected in the spectrum, as well as its first and second harmonics. It shows the non-linear nature of the Blazhko modulation. Besides the triplets, further higher-order modulation side peaks appear around the pulsation frequency as quintuplet, septuplet, nonuplet, undecaplet, tredecaplet, quindecaplet and septdecaplet structures. Additional frequencies, not belonging to the classical multiplet structures, are detected, and their linear combinations with the fundamental radial mode. We interpret these additional terms as non-radial modes. During the five consecutive Blazhko cycles, there is a shift of the maximum phase around 0.011 pulsation phase which is likely the consequence of a long term modulation. Description: Frequencies, Fourier amplitudes, phases, spectral significances and identification of the frequencies of the CoRoT light curve of the RR Lyrae star V1127 Aql - CoRoT ID:0100689962 - during 143 days in the First Long Run Center of Milky Way. The CoRoT data used in this study are the calibrated light curves, N2-level, that have been measured by the CoRoT Exoplanet CCDs during the first long run in the centre direction of Galaxy. The total time span is 143days. The time sampling of the light curves is 32s, an average is taken on board over 16 such measurements and resulting in a nominal sampling time of 512s. We used here the resulting "white" flux. Objects: ----------------------------------------------------- RA (2000) DE Designation(s) ----------------------------------------------------- 9 24 00.1 +01 41 48 V1127 Aql = V* V1127 Aql -----------------------------------------------------

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