J/A+A/319/413       ROSAT detected quasars. I. (Brinkmann+ 1997)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/A+A/319/413 ROSAT detected quasars. I. (Brinkmann+ 1997) ================================================================================ Broad-band energy distribution of ROSAT detected quasars. I. Radio-loud objects. Brinkmann W., Yuan W., and Siebert J. <Astron. Astrophys. 319, 413 (1997)> =1997A&A...319..413B (SIMBAD/NED BibCode) ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: QSOs ; X-ray sources Mission_Name: ROSAT Keywords: galaxies: active - quasars: general - radio sources: galaxies - X-rays: galaxies Abstract: We have compiled a sample of all quasars with measured radio emission from the Veron-Cetty - Veron catalogue (1993, VV93 VII/166) detected by ROSAT in the ALL-SKY SURVEY (RASS, Voges 1992), as targets of pointed observations, or as serendipitous sources from pointed observations as publicly available from the ROSAT point source catalogue (ROSAT-SRC, Voges et al. 1995). The total number of ROSAT detected radio quasars from the above three sources is 654 objects. 69 of the objects are classified as radio-quiet using the defining line at a radio-loudness of 1.0, and 10 objects have no classification. The 5GHz data are from the 87GB radio survey, the NED database, or from the Veron-Cetty - Veron catalogue. The power law indices and their errors are estimated from the two hardness ratios given by the SASS assuming Galactic absorption. The X-ray flux densities in the ROSAT band (0.1-2.4keV) are calculated from the count rates using the energy to counts conversion factor for power law spectra and Galactic absorption. For the photon index we use the value obtained for a individual source if the estimated 1 sigma error is smaller than 0.5, otherwise we use the mean value 2.14.