J/A+A/539/A138      M32 RR Lyrae variable stars confirmed    (Fiorentino+, 2012)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/A+A/539/A138 RR Lyr variable stars in M32 (Fiorentino+, 2012) ================================================================================ The ancient population of M 32: RR Lyrae variable stars confirmed. Fiorentino G., Contreras Ramos R., Tolstoy E., Clementini G., Saha A. <Astron. Astrophys. 539, A138 (2012)> =2012A&A...539A.138F ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Galaxies, nearby ; Stars, variable ; Photometry, HST Keywords: Local Group - stars: variables: RR Lyrae - galaxies: individual: M 31 - stars: horizontal-branch - galaxies: individual: M 32 Abstract: Using archival multi-epoch ACS/WFC images in the F606W and F814W filters of a resolved stellar field in Local Group dwarf elliptical galaxy M 32 we have made an accurate Colour-Magnitude Diagram and a careful search for RR Lyr variable stars. We identified 416 bona fide RR Lyr stars over our field of view, and their spatial distribution shows a rising number density towards the centre of M 32. These new observations clearly confirm the tentative result of Fiorentino et al. (2010ApJ...708..817F), on a much smaller field of view, associating an ancient population of RR Lyr variables to M 32. We associate at least 83 RR Lyr stars in our field to M 32.