J/A+A/538/A100     Abundances of Carina red giant branch        (Lemasle+, 2012)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/A+A/538/A100 Abundances red giants in Carina dSph (Lemasle+, 2012) ================================================================================ VLT/FLAMES spectroscopy of red giant branch stars in the Carina dwarf spheroidal galaxy. Lemasle B., Hill V., Tolstoy E., Venn K.A., Shetrone M.D., Irwin M.J., de Boer T.J.L., Starkenburg E., Salvadori S. <Astron. Astrophys. 538, A100 (2012)> =2012A&A...538A.100L ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Galaxies, nearby ; Stars, giant ; Abundances ; Radial velocities ; Equivalent widths ; Photometry, UBVRI ; Photometry, infrared Keywords: stars: abundances - galaxies: individual (Carina Dwarf Spheroidal) - galaxies: evolution Abstract: The ages of individual Red Giant Branch stars can range from 1Gyr old to the age of the Universe, and it is believed that the abundances of most chemical elements in their photospheres remain unchanged with time (those that are not affected by the first dredge-up). This means that they trace the interstellar medium in the galaxy at the time the star formed, and hence the chemical enrichment history of the galaxy. Colour-Magnitude Diagram analysis has shown the Carina dwarf spheroidal to have had an unusually episodic star formation history and this is expected to be reflected in the abundances of different chemical elements. Description: We use the VLT-FLAMES multi-fibre spectrograph in high-resolution mode (R 20000) to measure the abundances of several chemical elements, including Fe, Mg, Ca and Ba, in a sample of 35 individual Red Giant Branch stars in the Carina dwarf spheroidal galaxy. We also combine these abundances with photometry to derive age estimates for these stars. This allows us to determine which of two distinct star formation episodes the stars in our sample belong to, and thus to define the relationship between star formation and chemical enrichment during these two episodes.

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