J/A+A/507/131    Large scale structures around radio galaxies  (Galametz+, 2009)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/A+A/507/131 BzJK observations around radio galaxies (Galametz+, 2009) ================================================================================ Large scale structures around radio galaxies at z   1.5. Galametz A., De Breuck C., Vernet J., Stern D., Rettura A., Marmo C., Omont A., Allen M., Seymour N. <Astron. Astrophys., 507, 131-145 (2009)> =2009A&A...507..131G ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Radio sources ; Galaxies, photometry Keywords: large scale structure of Universe - galaxies: clusters: general - Galaxy: evolution - galaxies: individual: 7C 1756+6520 - galaxies: individual: 7C 1751+6809 Abstract: We explore the environments of two radio galaxies at z 1.5, 7C 1751+6809 and 7C 1756+6520, using deep optical and near-infrared imaging. Our data cover 15x15arcmin^2^ fields around the radio galaxies. We develop and apply BzK color criteria to select cluster member candidates around the radio galaxies and find no evidence of an overdensity of red galaxies within 2Mpc of 7C 1751+6809. In contrast, 7C 1756+6520 shows a significant overdensity of red galaxies within 2Mpc of the radio galaxy, by a factor of 3.1+/-0.8 relative to the four MUSYC fields. At small separation (r<6"), this radio galaxy also has one z>1.4 evolved galaxy candidate, one z>1.4 star-forming galaxy candidate, and an AGN candidate (at indeterminate redshift). Description: We imaged the two targets using the Bessel B-band filter of the Large Format Camera (LFC) on the Palomar 5m Hale Telescope. We imaged the radio galaxy fields using the z-band filter of Palomar/LFC. In February 2005, we observed 7C 1751+6809 for 60-min under photometric conditions. In August 2005, we observed 7C 1756+6520 for 135-min but in non-photometric conditions. The tables provide the B, z, J and Ks magnitudes and coordinates of the pBzK* galaxies (red passively evolving candidates selected by BzK=(z-K)-(B-z)<-0.2 and (z-K)>2.2) for both fields. The B and z bands were obtained using the Large Format Camera (LFC) on the Palomar 5m Hale Telescope, and the J and Ks bands using Wide-field Infrared Camera (WIRCAM) of the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT).