VIII/89     HI Parkes All Sky Survey Catalogue North (HIPASS)      (Wong+, 2006)
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Beginning of ReadMe : VIII/89 Northern HI Parkes All Sky Survey Catalogue (HIPASS) (Wong+, 2006) ================================================================================ The Northern HIPASS catalogue. Data presentation, completeness and reliability measures. Wong O.I., Ryan-Weber E.V., Garcia-Appadoo D.A., Webster R.L., Staveley-Smith L., Zwaan M.A., Meyer M.J., Barnes D.G., Kilborn V.A., Bhathal R., de Blok W.J.G., Disney M.J., Doyle M.T., Drinkwater M.J., Ekers R.D., Freeman K.C., Gibson B.K., Gurovich S., Harnett J., Henning P.A., Jerjen H., Kesteven M.J., Knezek P.M., Koribalski B.S., Mader S., Marquarding M., Minchin R.F., O'Brien J., Putman M.E., Ryder S.D., Sadler E.M., Stevens J., Stewart I.M., Stootman F, Waugh M. <Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 371, 1855-1864 (2006)> =2006MNRAS.371.1855W =2011yCat.8089....0W ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Galaxy catalogs ; H I data ; Line Profiles ; Radial velocities ; Surveys Keywords: methods: observational - catalogues - surveys - radio lines: galaxies Abstract: The Northern HIPASS catalogue (NHICAT) is the northern extension of the HIPASS catalogue, HICAT. This extension adds the sky area between the declination (Dec.) range of +2deg<DE<+25deg30' to HICAT's Dec. range of -90deg<DE<+2deg. HIPASS is a blind HI survey using the Parkes Radio Telescope covering 71 per cent of the sky (including this northern extension) and a heliocentric velocity range of -1280 to 12700km/s. The entire Virgo Cluster region has been observed in the Northern HIPASS. The galaxy catalogue, NHICAT, contains 1002 sources with v_hel_>300km/s. Sources with -300<v_hel_<300km/s were excluded to avoid contamination by Galactic emission. In total, the entire HIPASS survey has found 5317 galaxies identified purely by their HI content. The full galaxy catalogue is publicly available at http://hipass.aus-vo.org. Description: HI line data for 1002 extragalactic sources north of DE<+2deg are presented. Data measured from the southern HIPASS images is provided, including positions, radial velocities, velocity widths, integrated fluxes and peak flux densities.